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  1. Jason Deegan
    Jason Deegan at | | Reply

    Right now I am loving this article! GREAT INSIGHT 🙂

  2. Morgan Dragonwillow
    Morgan Dragonwillow at | | Reply

    Thanks Jason! I am glad you enjoyed it. It was something I felt strongly about writing to help myself and others that either have changed their names or want to.

    Peace and Healing,

  3. Sigrid Saradunn
    Sigrid Saradunn at | | Reply

    I too changed my name in 2003 when I got my divorce… I no longerwanted to have any association with my soon to be former husband. I was almost 60 years two months.
    Time was of the essence due to the court skip to the RD (Reader’s Digest) version,
    I asked my long time friend to come up with a suggestion for my first name…she said she really liked my first name,and I decided that, yes, I could get used to it, but change to Siggi as what I was called… I never was called that, and I liked that.

    I had thought to make an anagram of my painters group’s names…too few vowels. So, I asked one if I could use her last name… Dunn as part of my last name.

    Then the Sarah, came to me and I liked it. Strong women had that name. So Saradunn.

    At work, as a nurse, we signed our initials a zillion times a month…I had two of the initals SS already, and someone else had those…and mine needed to be different.

    My middle name is S … with no punctuation like Pres. Harry S Truman… a male painter suggested that, so male and female painters were represented. I am not a Democrat, (I), but I love Harry. and the idea. I am still happy with the choices, and when people ask, I just tell them I wanted to be “artsy fartsy” with my name. No business of theirs about why.

    Thanks for sharing your story Morgan. Love your name and the story behind it.


  4. 50 Years of Becoming | Morgan Dragonwillow
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    […] During the four years that I lived in Heidelberg, Germany my nick name at school was Martian Michelle (one of the reasons I changed my name). […]

  5. Anita Stout
    Anita Stout at | | Reply

    Before I knew you had “changed” your name, I scrolled past it and then back to it and said…WOW, what a cool name! Your name is what led me to find out the story behind it, so, you did well by you when coming up with it.

    In reading your story I thought…”Was she spying on me and taking notes?” Interesting to see how many of us “survivor/voice finders” turn out to be writers.

    Nice to cyber meet you.

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