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  1. Mental Mosaic
    Mental Mosaic at | | Reply

    Wow! Your blog exploded with content overnight, or so it seems. I’m just taking a peek during a coffee break, but will come back to take a close look at all you have added.

    Thanks for the free download! I will check it out. I am always on the lookout for new tools for examining life.


  2. Mental Mosaic
    Mental Mosaic at | | Reply

    p.s. The download didn’t seem to work for me. Will it be sent to my email, or?

  3. Morgan Dragonwillow
    Morgan Dragonwillow at | | Reply

    Tui, I had several Mercury Retrograde and Shadow posts that I wanted to repost on this site from Dragonwillow Journeys.

    After you mentioned the download not working I discovered the site was down. It is now back up and shouldn’t be a problem although I have already emailed you the download and info.

    I apologize for the inconvienence.


  4. Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer | Morgan Dragonwillow

    […] June 7th through July 2nd.  That is 25 days of reflection, 25 days of going deeper, 25 days for rejuvenation and the potential to experience change, opening to your inner writer. (Find out more about shadow timings and the benefits of going deeper during retrogrades.) […]

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