Who is Mud Woman

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She is the Earthy Wild Woman

She is who we are without language

She is that part of us that eats food with our hands and plays in the dirt

She is total and complete feeling

She is Wild and untamable

She doesn’t know how to be anything but who she is

She is the essence of our most basic selves

She is the primal sounds that come from deep within

She is the moist earth from which wonderful creations grow

She is the wild and creative juiciness that lives within each of us

She is Primal Mud Woman

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2 thoughts on “Who is Mud Woman

  1. I love the positive primal energy of this poem, Morgan. Beautiful! I would bet she doesn’t wear a bra, cusses in public, has more than one tattoo, and loves with abandon.

  2. Thanks Beth. I saw a vision of her when I was participating in the Magdalene Mysteries. I had a difficult time trying to explain her to the other Sisters but shortly after I came home I wrote this. She is in all women. And yes, I imagine that a woman that is really in touch with her would be bra-less, cuss in public, have tattoos, and love with abandon!

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