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I fell in love with words when I was eight years old. I didn’t know what a love affair it would be. How could I, I was eight. I just knew that the world of books and writing fascinated me. I remember sitting and contemplating the clouds and what they meant to a writer; how soft they looked, light and fluffy. I remember laying on a blanket looking up at those clouds with my notebook in one hand and pen in the other, wondering what it would be like to lay upon those clouds, and look down upon the earth.


I remember wondering what words really mean and how they looked in a sentence; how one sentence led to another and another until you had a whole paragraph or a poem. My poems were crude back then. I remember trying to do something new with Roses are Red at one point.


I never liked hearing about rules of writing. Natalie Goldberg’s rules, which I talked about last Sunday, were the first writing rules that I have ever liked. Before those rules I always felt that the writing rules were only stifling, that they prevented the writer from letting loose. I know I allowed it to stop me from writing. Now writing seems, easy isn’t the right word, much more natural. I can lay thoughts down on the paper without it feeling quite so uncomfortable. I always felt like I had to get it right before; that is what stopped me.


I always felt that if I didn’t, or couldn’t, get it right I shouldn’t be writing. But that isn’t what writing is about. Writing is about putting our thoughts down on paper. It is about putting our hearts out for others to see, not about getting it right. My heart says that writing is a form of love. As a writer I want to intimately share my world with others. I want to write words of fascinating pictures that will have them feeling into every word. That to me is the essence of writing, being able to take someone on a journey through your words and they see it, they get it.


It is also about digging in the dark, pulling out the roots and looking at them under a microscope, examining how they grew and if you Wild Womancould have done anything differently, would you have? All of those juicy dark places make for such wonderful fertilizer for your stories. They are what bring life to them. How could you ever want to change or throw away something that has given your words such life? I notice as I am writing this last part I can see how my words are starting to feel painful. My chest is tightening and the inner critic is beginning to squirm and starting to tell me that others don’t want to hear this. I tell myself, I am beautiful and the words are fine. Keep writing. (Thank you Natalie)


I remember sitting at a table at school and writing a song, I remember lying on my bed and writing my poetry. I remember sitting at my piano and writing a song that I wrote for a dead man in a park who froze in front of the white house because he had no place to sleep. Those words pulled my heart out and opened it for everyone to see.


I remember writing about my daughter at six months and wondering what it would be like when she began to talk; wanting to hear her thoughts. I remember when she was two and wondering when she would stop. I remember thinking then writing, that my heart was breaking in two when I left my husband. I remember writing about my journey of discovery of my new world of two daughters and no father. I remember writing about forgiveness and love. I remember writing about writing and thinking I would never get it right.


I now write, just to write. I now write for me. I now write in hopes that someone will find a piece of truth within it for them, but if they don’t, it is alright. Because I love to write, and will keep on writing no matter if it is for me or if it is for someone else; it is my heart after all, this art of writing.


Thank you for taking the time to read my words. If it touched you in anyway, please leave your own words below for I would love to read them.


Row80 Check in
I am feeling like everything is on track. I am tired, have a bit of a cold but all is well. I will give a full Check in on Sunday.
I am enjoying my journey with words.


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19 thoughts on “Love Affair with Words – Row80 Check in

  1. Beautiful post, Morgan. Writing is, indeed, a love affair of the most consuming kind. It’s also tangible and real, and always something worth sharing.
    I’m the single mom of a little girl, too. My mom died at age 50, and her mom died at age 45. Sometimes I write as this desperate way to leave a world behind for my little girl, just in case.

    • I say live life to the fullest and pave a new path for you and your daughter. No one knows their future and you very well could live a long life to see your daughter’s children and beyond.

      I look forward to reading many, many of your books for years to come.

      Blessings to you,

  2. What a beautiful post, Morgan! I love the idea of sitting on the clouds and looking down on the world and writing all that you see; what a powerful visual. And I agree entirely that writing is love, and it’s a love that has buoyed me up through a lot of turbulent waters. I’m always the most content and satisfied when I’m creating words or absorbing the words of others…

    • Thank you… it is very rewarding when others can see pictures through my words. I know not everyone is the same but I can’t help but feel that those who don’t like to write are missing out on something wonderful!

      Love seeing you and I hope you will visit often.

      Peace and Blessings,

  3. Morgan I think the most important thing in the journey of writing is as you said. Write because you love it. And that perhaps is the most freeing part of writing. I think the second part only needs to be considered after we have established the first part well. Write because you love others. Thank you for such, beautiful posts. πŸ˜€

    • Reading your comment reminds me that it is still difficult for me to receive compliments. Your words fill me with gratitude and pleasure and I think it is difficult for me to admit when something pleases me, as if there were something wrong with that. It is interesting and I think I am going to have to write about it.

      Thank you for stirring my thoughts.


  4. I always love reading your blog, Morgan, for there is such a truth woven in and about the words you choose. The love is so evident. One of the things I enjoy most is re-visiting Natalie Goldberg with you; she was such a constant in my life at one time. Still is but I’m so used to practicing writing that I haven’t thought of her name in a while but you’ve changed that. Really nice piece, Morgan.

    Peace and love,

  5. oh what a thoroughly lovely post. Thanks. I was feeling all yuk (nose op) and sore and tired,and haven’t worked on my wii for a few days. But you’ve cheered me on a bit with this. I totally agree that the important thing is to love writing. And sometimes it forget to enjoy it, and get bogged down in the technicalities. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

  6. I remember falling in love with certain words. I still love the adjective penultimate. I guess there are real uses for it, but I love slipping it into any conversation I can.

    I mean the whole purpose is to point out the thing before the ultimate or end! Basically a way of saying second to last.

    Why don’t we have a word like triultimate? Pen comes from the same root as pending or appendage, probably. It really means to tack on one more thing to the end.

    • I find you totally fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing the word penultimate with me. I hadn’t heard the word before and I always love learning new words. At this point people often create new words and I say if you like the word triultimate just start using it. Maybe it will catch on. All words were created over time and some have changed again and again.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing that with me.


  7. Its like the words took shape and popped off the screen. Such vivid imagery,”It is also about digging in the dark, pulling out the roots and looking at them under a microscope, examining how they grew and if you could have done anything differently, would you have? All of those juicy dark places make for such wonderful fertilizer for your stories.” Its good that you write just for you now, that you’re able to just let the words flow, such beautiful words that paint pictures of happiness, sadness, joy, forgiveness; without writing them all down how would anyone see the entire picture? Writing, as you’ve shown in this piece can have a healing effect; its an opportunity to sort out your thoughts, and if need be, lay them to rest. Thanks for touching our hearts with your words!

    • Thank you, first for leaving a lovely comment that made me smile and for inspiring me to read the post again. I haven’t read this in awhile and I think it is serendipitous that you commented today. One because it is my birthday, two I am currently attending a class to write a novel in two weeks then edit it in the next two weeks having a completed novel in a month. Reading this again reminded me of how much I enjoy writing and that it is something I am good at. I really needed that today, thank you so much!


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