A Kreativ Blog Award and 10 Random Facts

A Kreativ Blog Award and 10 Random Facts

I received this wonderful award from the even more wonderful Shah Wharton from Words in Sync What makes this award so amazing to receive is that you can only receive it from another blogger. Now it is my turn to choose 7 fantastic bloggers.

Here are the rules: 

1.) Link back to the person who gave it to you! (See Above)

2.) Share 10 random facts about yourself!
  1. I just began reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. I would love to take a day and spend it reading. 
  2. I am currently working on a memoir and writing it is a recipe in crazy making.
  3. I love dark chocolate and especially with raspberry filling of any kind.
  4. I love to cook but I am so busy writing for my blogs and my words in print that I don’t have much time for it.
  5. I live with my female partner, my grown daughter, and my two grandchildren (2 1/2 yrs & almost 3 months).
  6. I live in the south and wish I lived in Seattle. I hate the heat and love cloudy, cool days. Rain is my friend.
  7. My biggest fear is dying before I have been published. 
  8. Okay and I am afraid of the dark, the deep, nothingness dark that bring my other senses on alert and it is a bit creepy. 
  9. I want to purchase a Motor-home and travel cross country facilitating my workshops.
  10. I have a passion for collaging.  It doesn’t take much of an excuse at all for me to pull out my supplies of, magazines, clippings, glue and large paper, and collaging my hopes, dreams, and intentions.
3.) Pass on the award to 7 other people!
  1. Relish Life because it was her creative blog that started everything with Relish11 which brought me to…
  2. Mental Mosaic and her beautifully creative travel blog brought me to…
  3. Chasing Joy and her joyful creative blog that brings people together.
  4. Raven’s View for an imaginative blog that is tantalizingly creative.
  5. The First Original Garret’s Blog for his creative blog tackling hard subjects.
  6. KM Huber’s Blog for showing us the creative beauty of simplicity.
  7. Julie Unplugged for her wonderfully creative prose and poetry as well as paving the way for many. 
There are many wonderfully creative bloggers out there and these are just a few of my favorites.
4.) Follow the person that gave you this award-CHECK!
Once again I want to Thank Shah for giving me this award. Hopefully it is the first of many. 


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8 thoughts on “A Kreativ Blog Award and 10 Random Facts

  1. Wow wow wow! Thank you so much Morgan!! I was so honored to have your voice with me on the relish11 journey! I love that your writing has sparked in you so much, you have such a gift, don’t ever stop giving it! 🙂

    • Thank you for your wonderfully encouraging words! I am glad this brought you so much joy. Honestly I can only follow the trail back to you. I can’t for the life of me remember how I found you, but I am so glad that I did!

      Thank you for all that you do. You inspire creativity with your words, blog, and your presence. It is all very much appreciated.


  2. Great post I’m glad to finally get to. And I too adore do ark chocolate and dislike the sun 🙂 Thanks for the IVF support offer – its a difficult area to discuss and awful to experience infertility, so I appreciate any and all ideas. Sorry to hear you’re feeling tired. Hugz. Hope you can take a break and enjoy that book 🙂 X

    • Hi Shah, I will put it together this weekend and email it to you. It has been awhile so I have to do a little research but I still have all the books with the info so no problem.

      I am taking a break on Saturday, a day at the lake to read and relax. Can’t wait!


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