Enough is Enough – Writing Prompt Challenge

What causes a breaking point when enough is enough? When is enough, enough?

Was it the time that I said no to my first grade teacher because she wanted me to stand up so that she could hit me with a ruler in front of the whole class?

Was it when I was fourteen, my father was spanking my seven year old brother with a paddle again and again until I thought he might break him and I said, “Don’t you think he has had enough?” He asked, “Why, do you want some?” And as he passes me he smacked my behind with the paddle; he loved to attack when least expected.  Was it any wonder the next time I knew I’d be in trouble I ran away? Was that, enough is enough?

Was it my father putting me in an apartment because his girlfriend didn’t want me in her house? Was it the time that my father picked up my brother to take him with his new family to Great America and left me behind? Is that why I finally said I didn’t want him at my wedding or to give me away? Was that, enough is enough?

Was it enough when he told my teenage daughter that she couldn’t lay that way because it was tempting him, that I refused to let him come around again.

Was it enough when my sister-in-law thought she could slap me in the face and walk away and I grabbed her wrists, shaking them with each word, “Don’t. Ever. Hit. Me. Again.” 


Was it when my husband stayed out all night, and the next morning I called him at work and asked, “Now can I get my divorce?”

Was it when my sister used my children to get to me and I said, “No more, never again.”  Was that enough is enough?

Was it when my mate of eleven years told me he was going to take the program off the computer as soon as I moved away from it because he didn’t think I knew how to use it properly? I decided in that moment I was done with him, that he wasn’t my father and wasn’t going to tell me what I could and couldn’t do, was that enough is enough?

Was it when a manager and I stood yelling at each other while he was telling me if I knew how to do my job I’d have found the folder, that wasn’t where it was supposed to be because he hadn’t assigned it to a new agent while the boss sat shuffling papers? And when the manager left the room the boss said calmly, “I don’t know why the two of you can’t get along.” I went to my office packed my things and walked out. Was that an act of, enough is enough!?

Was it when my mother assumed I’d clean her house, not would you clean my house, after years of her never cleaning and always having us kids clean up after her?  I couldn’t sleep for all the anger just boiling under the surface and the next day I sent her an email telling her that I’d never clean her house again and she could clean it herself.  Was that, enough is enough?

Was it when my girlfriend of four years wouldn’t even let me hug her without getting offended, let alone have any kind of intimacy, then came home and told me that her therapist said that it was our problem not her problem and she didn’t need therapy any more? I began making plans to leave that day knowing I could never be whatever it was she wanted me to be.

Was it when I decided to never speak to my mother again because she begged me to read a book that she loved and it was a vile, crude, and graphic sex book that I’d never have read (and she had assured me it wasn’t), let alone from my mother? 

So many moments in my life how to choose just one; my whole life is enough is enough. I will not tolerate abuse of any kind. I am strong, independent, loving, creative, and if you can’t handle it then step aside; I am going to do what I came here to do and that includes heal my life.

Thank you for sharing and commenting before you leave.

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26 thoughts on “Enough is Enough – Writing Prompt Challenge

  1. Wow. That’s a powerful testament. I’m glad that enough WAS enough and you stood up for yourself. I also love the bravery you showed in each instance. It shows that your spirit never broke, even though I’m sure it must have been strained to the last fiber at times.

    • Hi Sam, thank you for stopping by and for your supportive words. I would really like to extend the courtesy and read your blog as well as leave a comment but there isn’t a link for me to go to. Please leave your link next time so that I can visit you as well. 😀


  2. Morgan, I’ve been reading your posts for a few weeks now, and I’ve seen through experience the raw power and passion in your words. This vies with your video to your mother for intensity and raw energy. Thank you for sharing with us your grief and your resurrection (of sorts). Much love, Eden

  3. Wow, You possess a strength that comes to life with each read word. One situation above would be more than enough to demonstrate it, but to have so many ‘enough is enough’ moments and handle them with your head held high and your spirit intact is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    • For two days all of these were playing out in my head and I couldn’t decide on one. I kept writing about them, going over every detail of every one until I finally realized I had to do it this way; I had to let go of all of them in one fell swoop. The other thing that was really important to me was to not look like a victim; not to look like I was whining about my past or to be like, see look what happened to me. I wanted it to be empowering for me and for anyone reading it.

      Thank you for getting it, for understanding, I really appreciate it.


  4. Morgan – Wow – You have been exposed to some pretty awful behaviours. I read this a feel a profound need to give you a bug hug, which I realise would be far from ‘enough’. I have had some pretty raw experiences too. My dad wasn’t great, but not in the same way as yours. Mine was weak – addictions and the selfishness of the addictive nature were his greatest issues.

    Thank you so much for sharing so openly with us. I hope doing so helped to shed a little of tendrils of pain threading through the memories attached. And I would say YES – Enough really is enough. And your future will hopefully reflect that. Warmest cyber hugs. X

    • Thanks Shah, always a pleasure to see you. Sorry you didn’t have the greatest dad either. It was very cathartic writing this as it was also very crazy making trying to discover what wanted to be written for this prompt. It really threw me for a loop. In the end it was good. Thank you so much for your supportive words and I will definitely except that cyber hug. 😀


  5. Hindsight’s a great thing, isn’t it? When we look back and realise we’ve been spending entirely too long letting other people have their way.


    Well done you for writing this. It’s powerful and uncomfortable but ultimately full of hope. Because when we’re aware, we CAN make the difference, if we’re prepared to hang onto the self-worth to stand up for ourselves.

    I decided enough was enough. I remember it quite clearly – I was on a set of stairs at college, between classes. Light was pouring in through large windows, and there was a small bustle of people who all belonged to a world I wasn’t part of. And I decided that I couldn’t go on like this. I needed help. So I turned, took my thumping heart in hand and knocked on the door marked ‘Counsellor’…cue the beginning of a year of the most important therapy in my life, along with the falling apart and eventual re-building of self. (Which has continued to fall apart and be put back together to lesser degrees, ever since).

  6. I know this wasn’t the post you posted on #ArchiveDay, but it was the link to this that explained the post. When scary and intense is where things take us, that’s often the way we need to go – not always, but often, it is a sign that we are ready to be spacious and open to new possibilities. Just as enough is enough is a sign that, in fact, we are ready for more – for something better than the abuse we somehow thought we deserved. Bravo, Morgan. Or perhaps brava. 😉

    • Thanks Paula, You can leave a comment wherever you like. 😀 Yes this post was the cause of the post I shared for #ArchiveDay (Scary Intense Writing) and is a key piece in my letting go and moving on to be more in the present. Peace to you.

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