Time to Remember

Time to Remember

At least traffic isn’t too bad today. I have a million errands to run and have to pick up the kids by three this afternoon. It will be alright, I can go to the store, the dry cleaning – oh what exit am I suppose to get off at? Okay not for another five miles, I’m good. So where was I, oh yeah I have to pick up the dry cleaning then…
“You realize you have fallen off the path that you signed up for in this life?” The angel standing before me said.
“What… where am I? I was driving my car, did I just die?” I look around but can’t see much; it is so bright and yet darkness surrounds me, how in the world did I get here?
“Why is it that is the first question they always ask us?” The angel, chuckling a little, asks the being of light that I can only guess is God. I am hoping it is God.
“It is only because they can’t remember being here. No you are not dead. We summoned you up here to remind you of your contract with this life.” The voice came from the being of light.
I looked down, frowning and wondering what happened to my car.
“Not to worry, your id, with a little assistance from your guardian angel, is still driving your car.” The Angel answered my unvoiced question which was a little creepy in itself.
“What contract? Is it safe to leave my body like that? What in the world is going on?” I was so confused.
“We wanted to remind you of your mission in this life; that you chose to live in this time, to write about your experiences, to be of service to others through your writing and you aren’t writing.” The being of light said.
“I don’t know if you have noticed, or what you can see from up here, but I have been kind of busy with the kids and the house and life.” I let out a long sigh. I did miss writing. I used to write all the time but I never did anything with it.
“You can go now, just remember…  write.” The being of light said and I saw the angel smile.
Oh shoot. Where am I? Did I go too far? Did I miss my exit? I hate it when I space out like that. No my exit is in one more mile; I better get over. What was I thinking about, oh yeah all the stuff I have to do today. I really need to take some time for myself. I really miss writing. Maybe I should start that blog I’ve been thinking about.
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12 thoughts on “Time to Remember

    • I am glad you liked it. It is an interesting thought isn’t it. I was just thinking, “So where do we go when suddenly we drop back in and look around not knowing where we are?” And that is when this story popped in for me.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Oh, good lord, I hope that is NOT what really happens when you lose a few miles! If that’s the case, I mess up and have these little meetings A LOT!

    This is good, but I am going to offer this:

    Here – “What… where am I? I was driving my car, did I just die?” – I know this isn’t necessarily a “believable” sort of story, but I think you can do a better job of conveying confusion. Even in my most confused state, my first question has never bluntly been “did I just die.” Draw it out a little and give your character time to come to the realization.

    The main reason I say this, is because of your reader. When A reader picks up on this sort of thing, you lose credibility. They will look for these kinds of statements again, and if they find them, will stop reading. I think you have a good bead on people, you know we dismiss things that are too far-fetched or silly.

    Aside from that, this is going to be something that is permanently stuck in my brain as a “what-if”. Thanks for that. 😉

    • I was riding in the passenger seat of the car when I read this and started busting up laughing. I love your sense of humor!

      I appreciate your feedback and have already thought about a couple of ways to make a few little tweaks to it. Thank you so much!

      I can’t read your last line without laughing. Sorry that it is going to be stuck, maybe it will help encourage you to figure things out quicker so they don’t keep calling you in for more meetings. 😀


  2. This was me all the time a few years ago. Then I discovered rebook.cm and began sharing my poems for the first time. Then from there, I was talked into writing a blog and learned to write other things – like short stories and flash fiction. And now I’m editing my novel. It’s weird. And wonderful 🙂 We must all remember to attempt our dreams, to hold onto them, even if life and a lack of confidence would seem to make that impossible. Thanks for your submission to Weekend Creation, and for reminding us all to focus on our dreams. 🙂 X

    • I love that you began with something simple then one thing led to another and now you are about to be finished with your first book, how exciting!

      I am taking in, “Thanks for your submission to Weekend Creation, and for reminding us all to focus on our dreams.” I appreciate your words greatly.


  3. “Is it safe to leave my body like that?”

    I snickered at that line. That’d be something I’d ask.

    I like this take on those “lost moments.” I’ve had quite a few of them while driving (particularly on routes that are familiar) – “waking up” when I reach my destination. It’s a little frightening. I’m not sure I want to know where I go during that time or not….

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