Growing Pains – Row80 Check In

Growing Pains – Row80 Check In

April has been a month of a mixture of madness and blessings. There was so much chaos going on at home I had to get away or lose my mind. The blessing came from a dear friend that has this Lake house up in North Georgia and allowed me to stay for 41 days to clear my head, transform my energy, and write. 

As you can see it has a beautifully serene energy to help me do just that. 

I sit and meditate, dance out my frustrations, take long walks, open to inspiration, and write my heart onto the page. Sometimes I just sit and breath. 

I brought with me wonderfully healthy foods and a few treats such as my Chai Tea, Greek Honey yogurt (which by the way if you haven’t tried it, it is Divine!), red and white wine, and my dark chocolate chips.

You would think in such a beautiful place I would rise above the madness and feel energized, peace of mind, and joy. Well I have moments and then I feel myself plummeting down again into the depths of sorrow. 

So many things are changing in my life. There are family changes that are breaking my heart. 

I know that everything changes and it is probably time for these changes as well; try telling that to my heart. They don’t call it growing pains for nothing.

Flowers blooming in the spring, bring color into our lives and remind me that there is always beauty waiting around the corner.


Until it is time to head back up this road, I am going to take advantage of every minute I have here. I am working on letting go of outcome, taking things one at a time, and remembering to be in the present moment; that this too shall pass, nothing ever stays the same.
Row80 Check In:
  • I am writing every day working on my memoir, which is difficult in and of itself.
  • I do my morning pages by writing most days in but sometimes I don’t get to it.
  • I am taking care of my Story Dam responsibilities.
  • I do wordmongering most mornings with my writing partner Tui at Mental Mosaic.
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Remember I so enjoy reading your words of support, encouragement, questions, and whatever else you would like to share with me. So bring a little cheer to my day and leave your words below. You can also tell me what changes are going on in your life, would love to read them.


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21 thoughts on “Growing Pains – Row80 Check In

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time but I know you’ll be okay in the end because you’re a good person and you deserve to be okay or better still, extremely happy!

  2. I’ll keep sending energy for your highest good as I do, often. I have found that being present is what makes the next moment completely full. Enjoy your days, my friend.


  3. Hugs to you, Morgan!

    Your lakeside retreat looks fabulous. I love all your photos. Plus, I could use a big dose of nature, chocolate chips and red wine lately, too!

    I know it seems odd to have unpleasant emotions pop up when you are in the midst of such serenity, but … I suppose those feelings are showing themselves now because they feel safe enough to, y’know?

    It’s great that you are taking time to dance/write/express and heal!

    See ya tomorrow morning. 🙂

    p.s. I can hardly wait to read your memoir!

    • Thanks Tui,

      I now have to go get a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate chips! Well it is almost five o’clock.

      Yes I think I do need to let myself dive deeply into my feelings and then dance them out and what better place than here.

      Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. I will see you in the a.m. It is nice to have that constant even if it is before the crack of dawn. At least here I don’t have to get out of bed to start typing.


  4. Lots of love, dear one. I am so grateful to hear you have a lovely place to retreat… so many of us who are creative souls also feel so deeply… I used to say I wish I didn’t FEEL so much but now I know how important it is that we both allow ourselves to feel and take care of ourselves when we notice a melt-down lurking.


    • Thanks Julie, it is strange that I have been so out of touch with my feelings because most of my life I was told again and again that I was too sensitive. Now I feel like I am opening a box that is too full and everything is spilling out all over the place. Your support means the world to me.

      Love gratefully accepted!


  5. Checking in from Shah’s blog hop! What a gorgeous place to write! But, if your brain is clogged with stuff, sometimes it won’t come. Try to let go or write the stuff on a page and then set it aside knowing you can worry over it when you pick up that page. Hope you make your goals!


  6. After feeling squeezed in too many directions, I made a hard decision. I am cutting back on my blog. What ever happens will be. I am really vitalized by Storydam’s potential and want to dig in deeper. I also want to pursue my writing roots more. So, that is what I have to do. 🙂

    I am always here by email, facebook, or twitter.

  7. The pictures are really pretty. What an awesome friend you must have to let you have run of the place for 41 days. I hope your heartache heels soon and that whatever changes are happening now are for the greater good.

    You and I are working on some of the same things. Letting go of future outcomes and trying to be in the moment.

    • Thanks for stopping by and yes she is awesome. I hope you find the recipe for yourself for staying in the moment and letting go of expectation. I find it difficult but doable when I remember to pay attention.


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