Musing to Music – Dance Exercise

Musing to Music – Dance Exercise

Music is the balm to my senses and awakens the muse that stirs my soul. When I listen to music it takes me to different worlds, into spaces within myself, and sometimes, to the very center of euphoria. Luckily using dance exercise helps me get the movement that my body craves.

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I really do hate exercise, put on some fun music though and I can’t help but have a dance workout by moving to the music . I hope my music discoveries help you think of dance exercise as a fun way to get your body moving.

I chose Mondays for many reasons but one of which is that they can be quite difficult. You may not want to get out of bed for the thoughts of all you have to do during the week. Maybe you partied all weekend and feel like the party is still banging the drums in your head. Or maybe you still have a job that you wish you could leave to pursue writing full time. Here are a few songs to get you moving on your Monday to set a positive tone for the week. Hope you have a fun dance workout!

Get moving with the cast of Madagascar in I like to Move it!



Get your feet moving with Happy Feet!


And get to jumping with Jumping Jack Flash!

I hope you have a great week and create fun ways to get your body moving!

I linked up with Meet Me Monday Linky Party! Visit and meet new people and what they are creating in their lives.

Tell me what you are doing to get moving today.  Are you dancing, walking, running?


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