Poetry Day 14 – The Ways Not Clear

Poetry Day 14 – The Ways Not Clear


Tick Tock the hickory dock

riding along the way

in daffodils

the ways not clear

children run and play


mama’s gone inside her mind

never to see again

the pain is real

the ways not clear

blood creates a stain


papa holds a pain stick now

or will you choose a book

deep is the shame

the ways not clear

no one dares to look


not a place to run and hide

home is not a haven

you dare not try

the ways not clear

oh to be a raven


This is a video of my reading this poem. Make sure the sound is turned up before you begin because it is rather quiet.

Working to catch up with my poetry. Please visit the other participants and share word love in the comments.  It isn’t too late to join us, check out today’s prompt on OctPoWriMo.


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13 thoughts on “Poetry Day 14 – The Ways Not Clear

  1. I love this, Morgan. I am one of those who doesn’t label dark as bad, it just is. It reminds me of 19th century poetry by women as poetry was one way they could express their dislike of “life as it was” and in many cases… it remains.

    • Thanks Julie, I appreciate that it reminds you “of 19th century poetry by women” I take that as high praise coming from you. I agree that dark is not bad, it just is. Shadow weaves in and out of my life constantly; it is my ever present companion.

  2. The rhythmic tick-tock of the poem brings back those dark children’s classics. Much is revealed here, simply, poignantly. My favorite line: “Papa holds a pain stick now/ or will you choose a book” — as if pain could be covered over by switching to a different activity. And so turn away, as the mother ran away. The poem captures the deep darkness of childhood memories. A lovely poem.

    • Thanks Beth. Actually the book was one of several we had the option of being hit with. It was probably another way for him to discourage reading because my mother hid in books.

      I appreciate you stopping by and sharing word love, it means a great deal to me.

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