Sassy in Your Step – Get Moving Monday

Sassy in Your Step – Get Moving Monday

I do these Get Moving Mondays because as a writer I can end up sitting all day and night at my computer. As writers we need to be more conscious about being active and if you are anything like me you don’t like exercise. These posts are to help you and me get back to moving, dancing, walking, and having fun doing it. Some of these you will find that they are re-posted from one of my other blogs but I figured most of you haven’t seen them. They will be intermingled with new Get Moving Monday posts.

How do you walk?

Change how you walk and change how you feel. How do you walk? Do you saunter, wiggle, slide, sludge, or skip along? How you walk says a lot about you, what you are feeling, and even how good you feel about yourself.

What does your walk say about you?

Are you dragging your feet because you aren’t happy about where you are going in life? Think for a moment about how you walk and what message you are broadcasting to the world. Do you walk fast, slow or somewhere in the middle?

Every time you take a step this week pay attention and walk consciously. How do you place your feet on the ground? Does your whole body move as you walk or are you rather stiff, holding onto old stuck energy? You probably haven’t thought that much about how you walk. Take the time this week to notice what you are saying through your body.

Make this your best week ever!

Have you added any new movement to your week?

Thank you for sharing before you leave.


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