Writing Poetry Day 4 – Shadow Walking

I dance with shadow daily, more than most. It is deeply entwined in my creative process. Writing, and especially writing poetry, brings the darkness to light. Most often I feel one foot here in this world and one where darkness prevails and light is hard to find.

Today’s prompt on OctPoWriMo is Rules and Inspiration. I don’t like rules, never have. I tend to go my own way whether that gets me into trouble or not.

I found myself listening to Boadicea by Enya while writing this to the point that I put it on repeat until I was finished. Now I would have liked to take a page from my friend Sarah at The Writer’s Experiment and post the video of the song so that you can experience as I did, well, to some degree.  I recommend turning it down low or it is just distracting. Also it takes a few seconds and then you can skip the ad.


 Shadow stalks my every step

waiting to push me

prod me

anger still

is such a bitter pill

Showing its face when

least expected

around a bend

and then

twisting my guts

palms sweating



 precariously dancing



darkness surrounds






darkness and light

tender balance


is a wonder


my plight


You can find out more regarding the OctPoWriMo Poetry Adventure and if you would like to explore your inner poet, join us.

Thank you for sharing before you leave.

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10 thoughts on “Writing Poetry Day 4 – Shadow Walking

  1. Poignant, Morgan, and very beautiful. I think so many of us can relate to this “precarious dance” between shadow and light, and you’ve summed it up so well. Thanks for linking to the Enya song. I hadn’t heard it before, but I really like it.

  2. Without the history, Enya’s song can be interpreted many ways. But with Boadicea as context, the song and your poem take on depth for there is darkness and courage in her story and in your poem.

    • Thank you Sarah, both for the inspiration and for your wonderful words. Although I never would have called this song peaceful. When I hear it, it takes me to a darker, contemplative state.

      Glad you liked the combination. Peace to you.

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