Writing Poetry Day 6 – I Remember Me

Writing Poetry Day 6 – I Remember Me


I remember me…

loving Charlie brown

because I could relate

wishing I would disappear

father would berate

wanting to please with all my heart

but always fell too short

maybe if I’d been smarter

I’d have found a better retort

or maybe they’d have noticed

something more in me

I’d have been stronger and

mother’s words wouldn’t have cut so deep

I remember me…

before I was so crushed

when I had a love of writing

and art and oh so much

dreams were still in the making

new worlds to be explored

full of possibilities and

believing I could be adored

I remember me…

when I was all brand new

full of love and life

I didn’t have a clue

parents who didn’t love

themselves nor their children

would make our life so tough


All grown up and seeing love, possibilities, and dreams coming true. This poem is of days gone by but the day 6 prompt for OctPoWriMo had me thinking of how it used to be. Glad I’m all grown up and making my own reality. Oh geez, all this rhyming is getting to me. ;P






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