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  1. Julie Jordan Scott
    Julie Jordan Scott at | | Reply

    Hooray for catching up! I am still stuck on my “I remember me” though I am thinking I am going to write a poem about my first theological/spiritual crisis that happened at age 8.

    Go figure.

    So glad to be working on OctPoWriMo with you!!

  2. Shah Wharton
    Shah Wharton at | | Reply

    Great going ladies.

    I’m not doing to prompts (not yet anyway) as I’m trying to schedule my posts a day or so ahead. I’m not sure I’d fit it all in otherwise. I even scheduled two for the 8th, mistakenly (doh) so re-scheduled that for another day. Hoe this is okay? I’m up to date so far although I’ve used pre-written poems on most occasions, although edited versions (I can’t help myself ! ) X

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