A to Z Poetry – Blame and Broken

Photo by George Hodan

Stand in rain

Stand in blame

Blame yourself

Blame the world

World gone mad

World of doom

Doom of madness

Doom of gloom

Gloom in thought

Gloom to chaos

Chaos and night

Chaos to fright

Fright of shadow

Fright of love

Love in need

Love and self

Self involved

Self torment

Torment and pain

Torment of soul

Soul in hiding

Soul of darkness

Darkness of now

Darkness upon light

Light turns bright

Light upon skin

Skin is raw

Skin to transform

Transform into now

Transform the night

Night is dark

Night holds key

Key to door

Key that turns

Turns to black

Turns to begin

Begin to breathe

Begin to stretch

Stretch to limits

Stretch into beyond

Beyond all knowing

 Beyond all space

Space fills fast

Space and time

Time is gone

Time is broken

Broken in two

Broken will weep

Writing for #AtoZChallenge and #NaPoWriMo and of course for my own A to Z Poetry Prompts  

The poetry form I chose from Shadow Poetry, The Blitz Poem

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10 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry – Blame and Broken

    • I don’t know if that was my actual intention but who wouldn’t love knowing one’s poetry had that affect on someone. I am glad you like the new poetry type. I enjoy introducing different poetry types and stirring the imagination of other poets. Thank you for your words.

    • Thanks Tui, it is a Blitz Poem an invented poetry form that I found on the Shadow Poetry website. You can find the link above just below the poem and on my Poetry Prompt for the day. I really don’t know much about poetry myself, I just keep writing it anyway. ;P

  1. Thank you. I love to inspire others to write poetry. It isn’t about the rules, it is about putting your heart onto the page. Yes there are different forms but that is what this site is all about, trying them all on for size and seeing what you like, and then playing with your words until you breathe life into them.

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