A to Z Poetry – Darkness

Photo by George Hodan

what is the darkness

what pushes me

prods me

deeper and deeper

fears that lie

waiting for me to discover

fears surround me

I try to breathe

feeling everything

feeling nothing

shoving food

in my mouth

numb the chaos


how can anyone

hold within



of being human

how can anyone

not fly apart

watching the news

a little girl’s body

found in a dumpster

thrown away like trash

how can I stay sane

such atrocities

does every person have

such darkness within

eat more

shoving food into my mouth

drowning out the pain

drowning out the screams

choking back the tears

Who wants to see

what one is capable of

whether great or horrific

how can you stand there

or go to work

or pay your bills

like no one is being beaten




shoving food in my mouth

praying that the

darkness surrounds me

protects me from

my thoughts

from the pictures

that are shoved

into view

again and again

darkness holds truth

darkness holds fear

darkness holds healing

doubts pervade

am I sane

could I be like that

damned to eternity

am I

what lies within me

what is normal

seeking the darkness

seeking sanity

seeking me

breathing out

breathing in

holding on

to the possibilities

of a better



Taking my poetry to a deeper place for #NaPoWriMo #AtoZchallenge and my A to Z Poetry Prompts.

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11 thoughts on “A to Z Poetry – Darkness

  1. As hard as we may work to create harmony in our own lives, this brutality continues around us. I have no answer to your poem except that it reminds me ignoring violence is not the answer.

  2. Wow. I love the images. But why do you (narrator) always go back to food to stuff the darkness down? isn’t there any other way for you to do it?

    I love this poem

    • Thanks Taryn. Why does anyone that wants to numb themselves out reach for whatever their choice of numbing agent they reach for? One of those things that it is what it is. Why ask why… It is a poem. It is feelings. It is hard. It is overwhelming. I opened a vein, I opened my soul. Thank you for stopping by, expressing your thoughts, and sharing your words.

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