Be Ok – A Song and a Prompt

Be Ok – A Song and a Prompt

Northwest CosmosI live my life through music and I often use music to inspire my poetry and words. I love songs that tell a story but in particular songs that I can relate to and this song is definitely something I feel into.

As I read the words I can see how poetry and song lyrics are very similar especially in expressing how one is feeling.

Ingrid Michaelson nails it for me in this song, Be Ok. I am going to dance as I listen. I hope you decide to dance as well.

Poetry Prompt:

  1. How are you feeling today? Begin your poetry with, I am feeling, and keep writing until you have nothing left to say; until all your feelings are on the page.
  2. Explore music that inspires poetry and let the words flow.
  3. Try your hand at writing lyrics

Leave a Comment – What song in your life best expresses how you are feeling today? Do you dance or be bop in your chair when it comes on?

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6 thoughts on “Be Ok – A Song and a Prompt

  1. This is perfect! Just the inspiration I needed today! Music has always been a driving force in my life and yesterday I came across a FREE online songwriting course. I didn’t sign up for it then, but now I know I must! Thank you for another creative push!

    • You are most welcome Amy and I am going to do my best to be more consistent with prompts. I love inspiring people to push the limits of their writing and explore new paths of creativity. Thanks for stopping by and sharing word love!

  2. Gotta love Ingrid – she’s a Staten Island girl, just like me (except a whole bunch younger!). Music does inspire so much. Since I was a little girl I always heard the lyrics before a melody and that is how I choose whether or not I love a song!

    • And I never even heard of her before I wrote this. I love finding new musicians/singers on YouTube and Pandora. Nice to know we have something else in common Nicole (being inspired by music). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I bet you would enjoy the Sirens of Song radio station that I listen to at work all day. (Google it, if you’re up for an upbeat selection of songs featuring female vocalists.) “Be Okay” is one of the tunes they often play!

    I’m much more comfortable writing lyrics than writing poetry. The music helps me explain things in a way that raw words can’t.

    Fun post!


    • Thanks Tui! That’s interesting about you being more comfortable writing lyrics than poetry when I feel they are so similar. Makes me wonder if someone gave you a hard time about something you wrote once. Just a thought. I of course think everyone can write poetry because there is no one right way to it in my opinion. It is putting your words onto the page with such heart that you breathe life into them.

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