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Shadows and Nightmares
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Shadows and Nightmares

1376254301868I am the darkness deep in the shadows

that nightmare you fear to tread

that wakes you from a deep, deep sleep

thoughts roaming the halls of your head.

That place that creates a panic

of “will I ever be whole again?”

mirrors reflecting naked truths

silent screams through your mouth in vain.

“Where are my shoes?” eyes opening wide.

“run…” this is more than simple discontent

“run…” your feet push and implore you

but they are firmly stuck in dried cement.

The floor begins to melt

and you know you have run out of time

can no one see

this is most definitely a crime.

“Run…” as far and as fast as you are able

when your breath isn’t one of many chores

only stop when you can breathe completely

and pain no longer squats pounding out or your pores.


your feet are screaming at you “Why are you only standing there?”


while you sink further into the depths of despair.

“Run… “

“but how can I…” The cement falls away

you see the open door in front of you

a light of hope in your heart makes you sway.


Now I challenge you, write a nightmare as a poem and then come back and share in the comments below.

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3 Replies to “Shadows and Nightmares”

  1. I like how your rhythms feel like Edgar Allen Poe in this one, which so perfectly captures that awful paralysis of nightmares. *shudder*… but I’m shuddering in a good way, because it’s a fun poem to read. 🙂

    • Thank you Tui and I can’t believe you just referenced Edgar Allen Poe in regards to my poem, that just made my day! I know my poetry has a dark edge, I have a dark edge, and I am fully embracing that for my blog, for my writing and for my poetry. Glad you enjoyed the poem!

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