Shadows – Song and a Prompt

Shadows – Song and a Prompt

The best in this kind are but shadows, and the worst are no worse, if imagination amend them.
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Today’s song, Shadows, comes from Lindsey Stirling. I love how she plays with her shadow as she plays the violin. Play is an important piece in creativity. How often do you let yourself play and be silly?


Shadow Poetry Type: Tongue Twister


Though this isn’t a Tongue Twister per say, it is a poem of mine that reminds me of one.  Tangled and Tantalizing

Poetry Prompts:

  1. Word Prompt – Shadows – Playing – Dancing – Music. Take your pick or use them all.
  2. Get paper (or your journal) and crayons or colored pens and doodle as the words flow creating a visual poem.
  3. Inspired from my friend Amy – Open a book of poetry and choose the first line that pops out and write it at the top of the page. Choose a line from your favorite poem that you wrote and put it at the bottom of the page (yes I know this is the opposite of what she did). Now fill in the lines between connecting the two together.

My poem Shadows and Nightmares

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