Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

Something I struggle with – finding where I belong, where I fit in this life and a piece of this came to me the other day. Now I finally see the whole of it and I am sharing it with you. I hope you find what you are looking for and see it isn’t out there. Peace to you.



If you discover who you are when you are young

if you are encouraged to be you

you won’t spend the next 20, 30, 40 years trying to

figure out who you are.

Wandering the streets trying to see where you fit.

They say home is where the heart is and

they mean where those you love are — is

where your heart is

where you belong but

what if it really means where

your heart really is             inside of you.

If you believe and know that you belong in your body

that your heart is in your body     and that is

your home then that is where you belong right?

So where ever your body is        that is home


Your home is your body

your body is your home

your love is within you

the Divine is within you

so you carry your love

your heart

your home

within you.

So all that searching out there

looking for where you belong

where you fit in

when really the place to look is inside

to look at you from the inside out

instead of the outside in.

It isn’t what is out there that is important

it is what is inside that is important.

Not what other’s think

not what anyone else thinks or feels only

what you think and feel.

Not to be confused with being selfish

not what I mean.

It is loving you from the inside out

knowing you carry home in your heart

that you are complete all unto yourself.

Nothing to look for and nothing to find

because it is all right there

where it was all along

flesh, blood

breath and bone

and your heart pumping life

from limb to limb.

So next time you go looking

searching to find something outside of yourself

stop what you are doing and ask,

“Is what I really need out there?

or has it been here all along waiting for

me to see the light that shines from the

inside out.”

But if you find that you can’t find that light

that it is dim from all the abuse

from all the hard knocks of life

eyes closed turn to face the sun

and ask that your light shine like that very sun

no longer hidden, no longer lost to your sight

breathe and remember everything

is as it should be and you are alright.

~Morgan Dragonwillow

Poetry can be such a subjective thing, in the eye of the beholder and all that. But if it makes you feel something, if it gets you thinking about something, I feel it has done its job. Let me know if this poem provokes thought or emotion from you. Even if it irks you in some way. Thanks for stopping by.

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