From My Journal – I am a Warrior

From My Journal – I am a Warrior

What do you think when you hear those words – I am a Warrior? Do you strictly think of fighting or do you take it in a different direction of what the person has been through? Are you a Warrior? I challenge you to write what a warrior means to you.

Periodically I go through my journal to see if there is anything I started but didn’t finish. This piece falls under that category. It was during the time I was trying to figure out what kind of poet I am and what I wanted this blog to be centered around.

Follow your wordsI am a Warrior

not to be pushed down

or to be quiet

or go with the crowd

I do not aim to fit in

or avoid the waves

I am a Warrior

I feel fear

and I have been victimized

but I stand up now

speaking my passion

refusing to be bent or broken

I am a Warrior

facing my fears

standing tall

with an open heart

living my truth

from the inside out

I am a Warrior…


Share your thoughts and let’s begin a discussion.

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