Soul Message – Is this Message for You

Soul Message – Is this Message for You

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Soul messages are filled with love and encouragement for your journey. The soul message is meant for more than one person, those that need to hear the messages are drawn to read them. Here is the first one that came through and onto the page. May your journey for your soul purpose be filled with loving adventures.

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Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow

Is this Message for You?


Your higher self, your soul, would like for you to listen

she wants you to know there is love inside of you

you are perfect and Divine as you are

the world around you needs your gifts

it isn’t important what others think

what you think of yourself matters most

you are a bright and shining star

waiting to go nova and explode your talents

out for all to enjoy

peace is what you need to cultivate

shore up your walls so you can feel your

own feelings not everything bombarding you

at once making it impossible for you to hear that inner voice.

once you do that you will notice a calm

radiating outward that you have never experienced before

have faith in yourself and your choices

you are smart and talented with many gifts that

others really need for you to step into

to walk your unique path to fulfill your destiny

do not be afraid, spirit  is all around you and inside of you

tap into that Divine love and know that you are loved


cropped-cropped-12642861_10208339279030169_1462129410139932727_n.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow: Poet , author of Wild Woman Waking & Dancing within Shadow, massage therapist and facilitator of magical journeys who (mostly) doesn’t let her fears get in the way of her passion for writing and creating. When she isn’t working with clients, writing or dancing you can find her encouraging and supporting her writing community at #StoryDam#OctPoWriMo, and #PoetsonthePage
Yes, you can also find her on Google+



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13 thoughts on “Soul Message – Is this Message for You

    • Timed intuitive writing is what I called it but what it basically is, is a message from your soul/higher self to you. That is what is coming through for me about it today. I’m glad it resonated for you and your name is in the hat. Good Luck! 😀

  1. When I take the time to listen, to set aside other commitments, I hear that inner voice. Thank you, Morgan, for that invitation. Yes, please enter me into the contest! Best of opening worlds!

    • I’m sorry Beth but you had to enter by the 19th. I have already chosen the winners and now I am just waiting to get over this coughing crud to write and post them. I’m glad that you enjoyed it and maybe I will hold this contest again and you can enter it then. thank you so much for your interest in Soul Messages/Intuitive Writing.

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