Where Do Our Words Come From

I was reading a poem, “On This the 100th Anniversay of the Sinking of the Titanic, we Reconsider the Buoyancy of the Human Heart by Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie” from a book I just bought and downloaded yesterday called “Alight: Best-Loved Poems From The 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam as selected by the Audiences” by Sasha Banks. I finished reading the second poem and felt compelled to write this poem.

That’s how it works when I am feeling inspired, the words start bubbling up and I have to get them onto the page. Of course there are those other times that I don’t feel inspired and I want to write daily so I reach for inspiration. That’s for another time.


Where do our words come from

Do they come from our toes

that wiggle and seem to have a life of their own

maybe they come from our limbs

moving up and down our arms and legs

searching for a way out of our fingers

Do they come from our head

moving from synaptic to synaptic

or do words come from our bellies

gurgling and grumbling to reach the center of our being

where do your words come from

is it your heart where the blood is

swooshing in and out

thumping and thriving through your body

are the words traveling in your blood

riding along the great highway of your inner being

where do the words come from

do they come from within you

or somewhere out there

are words streaming through the air

waiting to be plucked out

and then brought down to the page

are they riding and surfing the air streams

sunning way up on a cloud

are words cluttering the streets

being stepped on and kicked about

catching the words and tossing them into

bags to be looked at later

you say you don’t have time for the words

you will get to them tomorrow


but the words have a life of their own

they refuse to be still

moving from place to place

begging to be born

from your toes and your limbs

from your brain and your belly

from your heart and your blood

the words travel near and far

pushing and prodding

dancing on the air

expectantly waiting

anxiously wondering if they will ever

land on the page

What poetry inspires you to write?

I linked this poem up at OctPoWriMo Day 2 Writing Prompt because it fit so well.


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11 thoughts on “Where Do Our Words Come From

  1. Poetry sparks more poetry, whether it is good or bad or published or not… singing can spark poetry… actually, I don’t know which body part brings words to my pen. Sometimes my feet or my gut or my hips… those are usually whiny poems.

    Love the playfulness here!!

  2. Morgan, wow… just WOW. YES. Poems are everywhere. Words are everywhere. In us, around us, hovering and waiting, sometimes running and hiding. We are the word wranglers, the writers of poems. You continue to inspire and amaze me!

    • Thanks Amy, as you can see this poem was more fitting for your prompt though I wrote it almost a month ago. That’s why I decided to go ahead and link it up too. Glad to be a source of inspiration to you!

    • Thank you Tui! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my other poem. Yes, it was what I was feeling about the words. Honestly sometimes the words flow so fast I’m positive the words are more than mine.

  3. Ah, it’s amazing! I like how you constantly question where do the words come out from, if from our bellies, toes, hearts or our brains. Like you say, it depends from the mood and inspiration. Great job!

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