You Me and We

You Me and We

 I was looking through old files and found this poem. I wrote this probably about eleven years ago. It is interesting to see what I wrote so long ago. I haven’t written much like this in awhile. Do you ever write passionate poetry about your significant other? Me Spiraled

In your eyes I see
The Love that is me
The fun the pain
The adventure
everything of us
that makes you and me a we
soft     caresses

tough     stretches

clinging     pushing

growing     bursting

sharing     caring

Kisses     tongues

skin     hands

fingers in…

What would be
the we of me
the you of us
Incredibly, edibly, succulently
You are
I am
We are
The moon

the sun

the earth
quiet flowing river
deep with many currents
You, me and we
all that we are
and could ever be
delving in
souls connected

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