Writer in Training Or… How Many Jobs Have You Had?

Writer in Training Or… How Many Jobs Have You Had?

My blogging friend, Beth at Writer B is Me, wanted to know more about a comment that I made on her blog. She asked her readers which character on Friends they were most like and I compared myself to Phoebe because, like her, I’ve had many different types of jobs. Beth wanted to know what types of jobs I’ve had. Here you go Beth.


My youngest daughter likes to tell people I am a gypsy and that I have had jobs ranging from grave digging (I actually sold the plots and headstones) to limo driver. I originally didn’t ever want an office job and would seek out just about anything that wasn’t in an office. Of course there were times I had two or three of these at the same time.

As I remember them from first to last.

  1. Babysitter 
  2. Donut shop
  3. Car Wash
  4. (Mother because yes that is a job too)
  5. Burger King
  6. Lingerie Dept.
  7. Waitress/Server at Straw Hat
  8. Waitress/Server at a Diner
  9. Waitress/Server at a Burlesque Bar
  10. Line worker boxing Ziplocs in a factory
  11. forklift driver
  12. Tractor Parts department
  13. Teacher’s Asst. in Montessori Preschool
  14. Hair Salon asst. manager
  15. Horse trainer asst.
  16. Trailer delivery and maintenance
  17. Limo Driver
  18. Women’s Drumming Circle Facilitator
  19. Home Care asst.
  20. House Keeper
  21. Psychic Hotline
  22. Driver’s Training to mostly teenagers
  23. Traffic School instructor
  24. Sandwich order and delivery
  25. Real Estate Agent and Office Manager
  26. Receptionist at a Law office
  27. Sample Person in stores
  28. State Farm Insurance Admin Asst.
  29. Pacific Bell Sales
  30. Point of Sale for cigarettes in convenience stores and gas stations
  31. Newspaper Delivery
  32. Massage Therapist
  33. Furniture store asst. manager
  34. Shipping and Receiving
  35. Rape Crisis Center Admin Asst. and Victim services
  36. Collection Agency Admin Asst.
  37. Sex hotline (okay this one only lasted for one call)
  38. Vet Tech
  39. Funeral and Cemetery Sales
  40. Vet Tech
  41. Admin asst. for in house car wash for dealership
  42. Foot Reflexology
  43. Psychic/Tarot Reader
  44. Workshop facilitator
  45. Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Is it any wonder I became a writer? Or… talk about avoiding the page.

Have you had any interesting jobs? How many jobs have you had?

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8 thoughts on “Writer in Training Or… How Many Jobs Have You Had?

  1. I LOVE that you did a post on this!! Color me blown away at all your jobs…WOW!!! You drove a fork lift? Holy sh#*! Ok. I’m officially fascinated by the sex hotline thing. Haha! Even if it was only one call. And I know I’d never last a day as a vet tech. Those people have super thick skin! Yes, you trained well to be a writer! I’ve had some interesting jobs, too, although nothing compared to you. Maybe I’ll post about mine someday too. 🙂

    • Thanks Beth! As I said, you inspired me to write it. I loved driving the forklift, there’s just something liberating about it. 😀

      I always thought I would be good at that sort of thing (sex hotline) and quickly realized it wasn’t something I really wanted to do.

      Regarding the Vet Tech, I really enjoyed most of it, especially helping out in surgery, but when owners brought in their pets to be put down, and the dogs eyes didn’t show they were ready to go, that was very hard for me. It wore me down until I just couldn’t be there any more.

      I would love to hear about your interesting jobs!

  2. I love this post, Morgan! (Yes, I’ve fallen behind on reading my favorite blogs, but hey, that’s the nice thing about the flu. I’m catching up a little!)

    I’m curious about many of your jobs. I bet you have some fun stories to tell! 🙂

    p.s. Happy New Year!

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