50 Things I am Grateful For

As I travel on this journey toward my 50th year I discovered that being thankful and grateful goes a long way toward staving off depression (that and checking off things in my to do list).  As I wrote down all the things that I am grateful for in my life, it was interesting to see how it proceeded and how it changed. I hope that you are able to look at what you are grateful for and see all the little things as well as the most obvious.

130723_12260350 Things I am Grateful For

  1. First and foremost I am grateful for my partner, Christie, for all of the wonderful things that she does for me.
  2. My daughter Elizabeth for loving me in spite of all my crazy idiosyncrasies.
  3. My granddaughters that bring much joy into my life.
  4. Cool sunny days.
  5. My dog Gabby, there really isn’t anything like the unconditional love of a beloved pet.
  6. My cat Neela, who thinks I’m her mama because I rescued her at such a young age I think she imprinted on me.
  7. My writing buddy Tui, for all of her encouragement and support.
  8. My online friends and family.
  9. Our wonderful car, the Kia Sorento , that make our trips so much more comfortable.
  10. My blender that makes such wonderful green smoothies (and Pina Coladas =)~
  11. My food processor that slices, shreds, and chops so beautifully.
  12. All my books both in print and on my tablet.
  13. Comfy cozy soft bedding. Nothing else like getting into a bed that feels like that.
  14. Inkjoy pens
  15. My Flute
  16. My drums
  17. Being able to visit the beaches in Florida a couple of times a year.
  18. Poetry
  19. Women who’ve paved the way for more equal rights.
  20. My spiritual connection to the Divine.
  21. My Muse
  22. My higher self
  23. Taking photographs and being able to share them online.
  24. Being able to create art with less anxiety.
  25. My StoryDam team who contribute so much to the StoryDam community.
  26. The StoryDam community that make our online chats so much fun.
  27. The OctPoWriMo/Poets on the Page team that lend so much love and support to our poetry community.
  28. The Poetry community that grows everyday and shares their poetry so courageously.
  29. The Row80 writers that give so much support and encouragement on this writing journey.
  30. My ability to see patterns.
  31. My empathic and clairesentient abilities.
  32. Music that adds such richness to my life.
  33. Our home.
  34. My health.
  35. Generous people.
  36. Compassionate strangers.
  37. Moments of peace and contentment.
  38. Spring and Fall
  39. Trees
  40. Purple
  41. Earth’s bounty
  42. Cheese
  43. Organic Farmers
  44. Compassionate animal husbandry
  45. Quiet Solitude for writing.
  46. The way the sun changes the color of the grass and trees as it lowers on the horizon.
  47. The times I’ve been able to see the sun rise.
  48. The way the wind caresses my skin
  49. Sun warmed fresh tomatoes from the garden.
  50. The sight of a horse running free.

I would love to know what you are grateful for.

ROW80LogocopyRow80 Check in

I have been much more productive since my writing buddy, Tui Snider, and I have been checking in nightly with each other. I also think listening to Bach radio on Pandora has really helped as well.

Editing: 5 pages of Mercury Retrograde and 100 pages of Wild Woman Waking (I pulled an all nighter when the title finally came to me and the structure of the book fell into place).

Writing: Only notes, I am beginning the writing for my food memoir on Monday.

Poetry: No new poetry but I will see what I can do about that today.

Reading: Gave up on the book I mentioned on Wednesday, too boring. I began reading Writing Life Stories: How to Make memories into Memoirs, ideas into essays, and life into literature by Fill Roorbach. I have a memoir coming in the mail, hopefully soon, that I will begin reading as soon as it gets here.

50 Lists of 50: I wrote another list on Friday, 50 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 50 and the Year of.  I am finding the lists to be quite enlightening for me. I am particularly looking forward to checking off the things as I do them and sharing them with you in posts on my blog. I am hoping to check off from one to three items a week.

I have a new project that is on that list which is, Wise Words from 50 Women over 50, and I am looking for contributions/submissions. If you are interested, or know someone that might be, please check out more info here

I hope you are having a productive writing week. This is a BlogHop, please check out the other Rowers and leave your support and encouragement in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “50 Things I am Grateful For

  1. Things I’m grateful for? Contrasts, textures, bad days that make the good days seem all that much better… The knowledge that we’ve all been there in some way…

    It’s interesting that lists help you so much, Morgan. Maybe there is something to the push, the delving… I’m glad you’re finding your inner soul. Much love and progress to you. Keep evoking yourself.

  2. Morgan, what a wonderful list–very inspiring. I’m grateful for my supportive hubby, my pets, my best friends, my little home writers’ studio, my connection to the goddess, blue skies, green trees, and the distant light of the stars. And, of course, for my fellow writers and artists whose work and words inspire me. (And those are just a few…)

    “Wild Woman Waking” is a great title! What is the book about?

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