50 Things I Will Never Do (Or I won’t do again)

IMG_20130507_213031I am turning 50 this year and it has me questioning everything as well as freaking out to some degree. Yes 50 is only a number but it is 50 for goodness sakes! Okay I am breathing, I am breathing. So I decided to create a series of lists of 50 things on various topics with the underlying theme being about me turning 50.

This first list I created because it seems everyone is always talking about what they want to do but typically don’t talk about what they wouldn’t do. Fear Factor had me thinking about this. No I don’t watch the show, I think it is creepy and ridiculous. I am not one that likes to be scared to death, it really doesn’t give me a thrill like it seems to for others.

50 Things I Will Never Do

  1. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Not going to do it.
  2. Eat worms. Ewwww
  3. Go on the game show Survivor. That is not even remotely something I would do. (I guess you think I am pretty boring about now. Don’t care.)
  4. Wrestle with a crocodile. Um why? Why would anyone want to?
  5. Eat monkey brains. I saw this on one of the Indiana Jones movies and I am really not that adventurous. When I say I will try anything once, I guess I don’t really mean it.
  6. Work in a chicken processing plant. Enough said.
  7. Stay the night in a creepy haunted house.
  8. Swim with sharks. I know there are a lot of thrill seekers out there but I’m really not one of them.
  9. Watch anymore scary movies. Not-going-to-do-it. I have nightmares for months, when I can even fall asleep.
  10. Tightrope walking. Not even if it is only a few feet off the ground.
  11. Run in a marathon. I love to speed walk but not a fan of running. I have been known to say, “I’m not running unless someone is chasing me.”
  12. Climb a ridiculously tall mountain. I know there are those that love this challenge but I like breathing and all of my fingers and toes.
  13. Have sex in public. (Well not again anyway. Okay I was a teenager and teenagers do really stupid things.)
  14. Compromise my beliefs. Have done it in too many relationships and I am not going to do it ever again.
  15. Make everyone else more important than myself. We are equally important.
  16. Hot air balloon. There is that height thing again. Yes I am afraid of being high up, or even not so high up.
  17. Go to a restaurant with a rating lower than 90. That’s just gross.
  18. Tell someone they weren’t talented. That’s just mean and everyone is talented at something.
  19. Wear plaid with stripes. I have seen this on someone but I don’t think it is for me.
  20. Be rude to a police officer. The first few times we were pulled over when my partner was driving, my jaw hit the floor at how rude and aggressive she was with him. I just don’t see a need for it especially when most of the time they are just doing their job.
  21. Halloween haunted house. You know the kind where a chain saw murderer is following you every step of the way revving it every few seconds. I have been to a few in my younger days but they seriously terrify me. The last one I even tried to tell myself logically that there is nothing to be afraid of. It just doesn’t work so, never again.
  22. Roller coaster. Hate them, they make my stomach hurt horribly. (Man I am really sounding like a bump on a log, really wait until you see my 50 things I want to do list.)
  23. Be in a cemetery at midnight.
  24. Read serial killer books. Back in the day I used to love reading them but now, now I just don’t want those images burned into my brain or know the horrible things that they do. That goes for the movies and television as well.
  25. Live in Cleveland. I lived there for about a year when my youngest was born over 29 years ago. It is a miserable place to live. There are snow storms in the winter and in the summer it is abysmally humid and hot, and most of the people were eternally angry.
  26. Deprivation chamber. Did I mention I have a fear of closed in spaces. Not so much that I can’t ride an elevator but the thought of crawling into one of these makes my tummy flop.
  27. Work in any kind of slaughter house. I really don’t know how people do it. Just the thought of it makes me not want to eat meat.
  28.  Tongue pierced. I can’t even imagine having that thing in my mouth all of the time.
  29. Nose pierced. Way too many allergies and nose issues to even contemplate.
  30. Belly button pierced. Past the point that it would be sexy and I was too scared to do it even when I had a decent body.
  31. Nipple pierced. Ooowwww…
  32. Nope I wouldn’t pierce THAT either. More power to those that do but it just isn’t me.
  33. Face tattoo. I like getting tattoos but I would never put one on my face.
  34. Smoke cigarettes. I did that for many years in my life but I can honestly say after nine years of not smoking I will never smoke again.
  35. Give birth to a child. I have two beautiful grown daughters and I am past the point of ever having another child. It is a little sad.
  36. Breast feeding. I remember the very last time I breast fed my second daughter, I cherished every moment knowing it would probably be the last time and I was right.
  37. Illegal drugs. It’s just stupid. Besides I like being in control and I don’t want to die, at least not before my time.
  38. Fry bacon naked. It hurts.
  39. Go to a nudist camp. I really like my privacy and I don’t want to see all that hanging and flopping.
  40. Hunt. Nope, I would be a vegetarian for sure if I had to kill my own food.
  41. Be on any reality television show. There is that privacy thing again.
  42. Go camping in the south, in the summer, without air-conditioning. Seriously… been there, done that, and I am not ever doing it again.
  43. Swim in a lake. I don’t like swimming in any water that I can’t see into. Just creepy.
  44. Wear a bikini. Yeah, way past my prime. After I had my first daughter I lost enough weight that I felt comfortable in one and wore it until my next daughter came along. My grandmother asked why I would want to wear one and I said because someday I won’t be able to wear one anymore.
  45. Hitch Hike. I’ve seen way to many movies that didn’t end well for the hitch hiker.
  46. First kiss. Well it is very unlikely.
  47. Bungee jump. I was once told it felt like every bone was jerked out of the socket. Yeah like that is something I want to feel.
  48. Para sailing. There is that height thing again.
  49. Poke a bear with a stick. LOL! This is from my partner and seems self explanatory.
  50.  Drive a car without checking the oil at least once a month. I have killed too many cars and don’t want to be a murderer anymore.

Wow… that was harder than I thought it was going to be. Do you have things that you would never do? Or never do again?

ROW80LogocopyNow for the Row80 check-in.

It is slow going getting back into the routine of writing and editing but yesterday I had a break through and I am feeling better about what I have accomplished so far. I have narrowed it down to editing my Mercury Retrograde manuscript because I want to get it finished by the end of this month.

I have finally decided what my next manuscript will be and I have been making notes for it and will start writing probably by the end of this week. I am hoping that I can work on two projects at once because I want to continue working on my editing projects and I really want to write on my new project. We will see how it goes. If I find it is too much of a distraction I will mainly focus on the editing and then allow myself to write the first rough draft for my next WIP before beginning my next editing project.

Editing: 31 pages completed this week and working to get 5-10 pages completed a day.

Writing: Making notes for my next WIP, will begin 500 words a day by the end of week.

Poetry: I only wrote one poem this week. 

Reading: I finished reading Wind Warrior by Jon Messenger. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading his next book. This week I have finished reading a short story, The Sabrosa by Julius James Deangelius. Unfortunately I didn’t know it was a short story so that when I got to the end I was very surprised there wasn’t more. Still over all a good book. Next on the list to read is Indelible Love – Emily’s Story by D.W. Cee. I am focusing on food memoir or books that have food as a theme as that is my next WIP. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Calling on Women over 50 to submit quotes, poems, and essays, your wise words are needed for the book Wise Words from 50 Women over 50. I am on my journey into turning 50 this year and this is one of the things I am doing to help myself and othersread more

Hope things are going well for you this week. This is a bloghop, please check out the other Rowers and leave your support and encouragement in the comment section.

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16 thoughts on “50 Things I Will Never Do (Or I won’t do again)

  1. Oddly enough, I don’t think that #23 would bother me too much (she says, sitting in her house with the lights on and not being actually *in* a cemetery at the moment…).

    As for #28, I’m in firm agreement with you! I had my ears pierced, with surgical steel earrings even and I had an allergic reaction that caused one earlobe to swell up like a golf ball. So, yeah, no piercings for me.

    • Hi Kathy, Ouch, that doesn’t sound pleasant. Part of me thinks I would be fine in a cemetery at midnight too and then I remember what a big chicken I am especially at night, in the dark, and goosebumps start happening. No I don’t think I could do it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • I think for me it is more about where I am in my life, and where I am living. I wanted to be so much further along and part of that is being comfortable with where I am and what I am doing. Lots of change has to happen or I am going to be one depressed lump on my birthday. Some of those things have to do with publishing more of my books and some, well you will just have to come back next Wednesday to find out my 50 Things I want to Do before I turn 50 list.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a great list, Morgan! Your list reminded me of a conversation with my sister and some other friends. We were talking about bucket lists, and most of them wanted to do things like bungee jump, skydive and climb tall mountains.

    While that’s fine and dandy for them… I didn’t know how to explain that none of those things held any appeal to me. I, myself, am simply not a physical thrill seeker. I do seek thrills, but they are different. I get my kicks from pushing myself intellectually and creatively, not athletically. I’d much rather learn another language and immerse myself in another culture than go skydiving, for instance.

    Some of your list really cracked me up: frying bacon in the nude, for instance!

    • This is why we get along so well Tui! Learning another language is something I’ve always wanted to do too. And yes, pushing my self intellectually and creatively are my biggest challenges in this life. Glad you enjoyed my list!

  3. p.s. Oh, I hit enter before adding that there’s a chance you could end up doing item #50, “Drive a car without checking the oil at least once a month..”

    I say that because my hubby and I have an electric car, a Nissan Leaf. We drive it every day and not only does it cost a mere $16 worth of electricity per month, there are no oil changes needed! 🙂

    • Yes, I am really wishing Christie and I had invested in a hybrid car instead of the Kia that we bought last year but oh do I love the Kia! But you are right, I may someday have a car that I don’t have to check or change the oil, that would be nice.

    • Thanks Patricia, quite a few of them I have always felt this way about and I don’t think age has anything to do with them. On the other hand there are those that do have to do with age. Of course if I was in better shape it might be different for some of them but I know I won’t put forth the effort to change that so it is what it is. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Quite a few of those:) some I have done when youner and cutting edge – I have a theroy that we each have an inbuilt tolerance level for some things – I reached mine on the heights – good eating places – thrill seeking in my 40s after years of travel and doing all those things – I am now very cautious! I would like a tattoo or two, but weather damaged skin and rat poison has made that a no -no – shame. Not keen on the killing animal bit, but have done – working on principle, if I eat them I should at least know how to kill them well. Great list:)

    I find it hard to edit and write – all the best with that – I didn’t get to work on my writing until my late 50s – so you way ahead of me there:)

    good luck with goals and keep smiling 50 isn’t so bad you know:)

    • Hi Alberta, I had to look up the rat poison reference but now I understand what you meant.

      Regarding killing animals, I don’t have a problem with other people hunting to feed themselves I just don’t like those that do it for sport only. I don’t even understand catch and release fishing. If a fisherman is going to put the fish through all that, at least the person could eat it once they’ve caught them. I grew up fishing with my grandpa and we ate what we caught, unless it was too small and then we threw them back.

      This Monday I am going to begin writing my first draft for my food memoir and I will be continuing to edit my other works. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll write about it on Wednesday’s check in.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing word love with me! Especially that 50 isn’t that bad. Probably has to do with how many risks, and how many accomplishments people have had in their life, and how happy they are at that point in their life. I am not that satisfied with my life at the moment, hence the lists.

      • Sport – no no no – I agree. I tried fishing once and found the live bait did me in – seemed so cruel – the point was we fished for our food – not catch, not eat – I have no problem with it. I eat meat, but I know where it comes from and how it grew – less of it as good food is more expensive – but that’s also good because we don’t need so much protein in our easy safe lives:)- your food memoir sounds very interesting

    • Hope I didn’t offend you, I just had many horrible experiences there. Including the only black family that lived on our block being burned out of their home, killing the grandmother, by teenagers. We were then on high alert that our whole neighborhood was under threat to be leveled by extremists (honestly I didn’t even blame them as this wasn’t the first time something horrible like this had happened). I’m originally from California and grew up in the military which means I grew up with diversity and couldn’t understand what I was seeing in Cleveland.

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