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  1. Tui Snider @TuiSnider
    Tui Snider @TuiSnider at | | Reply

    Oh, yeah! I can totally relate to this post. I mean, it’s great to have longevity genes, but… what if an anvil drops out of the sky and cuts your life short?

    I feel your sense of urgency, yes, I do! 😀

  2. Kathy Pulver
    Kathy Pulver at | | Reply

    Do I feel like that? All the time! I HATE that feeling because half the time it ends up freezing me in place and I don’t want to go forward because if I don’t work on *whatever* then I can’t fail at it, can I?

    Like you said, nobody knows the day or the hour so the best thing to do is to proceed as you mean to go on and do your best.

  3. Beth Camp
    Beth Camp at | | Reply

    If I look back now that I’m 70, I see places where I put paying the rent and buying groceries ahead of my writing. So now that I yet have reasonable health, my writing begins each morning, and I am truly happy. My husband’s health is not all that great, but we do cherish each day. Will I publish the three books I’m working on just now? Yes, the first one is out, the second one is nearly ready and will be self-published this year, and the third one is at the research stage. Inspired by your post, Morgan, I can say, “Know your dreams — and persevere!” If I find a few readers who like what I’ve created, that will be more than enough for me.

  4. alberta
    alberta at | | Reply

    Well, speaking from 20 years ahead of you – you’ll probably make old bones:) I am lucky that despite not having done everything I dreamed about as a child – I am content with what I have achieved in life.

    Sometimes though I think being too much of a perfectionist about the minor things can hold one back, obviously the books must be, however, that’s the advice from the total opposite of a perfectionist so I would prob ignore it if I was you:)

    Don’t be despondent, life is too magical for that – be proud of what you have done, who you do know. Enjoy the dreams, plan, but accept they may not happen. 🙂

  5. Considerer
    Considerer at | | Reply

    I find increasingly that I hold myself up to too many unrealistic ‘should’s. And it’s been a huge sticking point, so even 20 years behind you, I feel your frustration.

    But my own behaviour is all I have the right or the ability to change.

    I cannot will my circumstances to be different, though I can decide not to waste time fretting about them.

    I cannot behave in a way which will heal the sicknesses in my family, but I can choose to act in a supportive manner.

    I cannot affect any aspect of the past which disappointed me, but I can determine that I won’t let that disappointment take over my future.

    And it’s all SO much harder to do than it is to write.

    But to write is such a marvellous thing. And a way in which we can be wonderfully self-analytical and lay out all our tools on the workbench and take a good look. This I can do. And by the look of it, this is something you already do.

    What have you left to achieve?

    If I die tomorrow, what will matter is that I told the important people that I cared about them, today. Nothing else.

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