Do You Know Your Herstory

History was not one of my favorite subjects in school, in fact I down right hated it. I think it was because I dreaded getting in front of the class and reading reports; hated it with a passion. My palms would sweat (who am I kidding, I had sweat dripping in places that is just wrong when you are a cumbersome teen), my hands would shake, and I would forget everything that I had learned. I would say, “History is in the past, what do we need to know about it for anyway!”

As a woman I now realize how important history/herstory really is. Some of you may wonder why I use the term “herstory” but if you think about it, his/story is exactly that, his. Now I am not a man hater though some people in my life think that is the case. Funny thing is some of my best friends in my past have been men.

Somewhere in the past, far in the past, women’s stories were negated and suppressed and deemed unimportant and of course there is a lot of history around that as well.

“Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world, revises the official version.”
― Carolyn See

Women are telling their stories again. Women are sharing their herstories and there are more and more stories out there that tell of women that didn’t just sit by the way side to be told what they should or shouldn’t  do. I went in search of just such a woman today and discovered Dorothea Lange. She made a name for herself taking photos of stark images during the depression and World War II. I discovered that there were even many of her photos that were suppressed because the “Powers that Be” didn’t want the rest of us to know what was going on. She is well worth checking out and when you’re done maybe you will write a herstory of your own. Or possibly go out and make herstory.

Poetry Prompt:

What women stories do you have from your family that needs recording? Set a timer and begin writing from the sentence, “The things the women have accomplished in my family.” Write down everything you know as quickly as you can without censoring. When you are finished, choose one piece from their/your stories and create a herstory poem.

Word Prompt: Herstory


Shadow Poetry type: Cascade

This time I chose an invented form, I love breaking out of the box of what people try to say poetry is supposed to be. Never let anyone tell you what you write isn’t poetry. Write from your heart, write with passion, and pour your words onto the page.



Books to dive into women’s history, women that followed their heart and didn’t let others define who they were/are.


Dorothea Lange

 And then there is this compilation of fictional Herstories…


One more for good measure…


You and I can help in making sure the women fighting for our rights and not allowing our rights to be taken away again, and continue to help bring equality for all women – I will donate $1.00 for every full priced purchase of my ebooks, Dancing within Shadow and Wild Woman Waking, from the royalties to Now don’t let that name scare you off. Feminism has been given a bad rap over the years but basically they are there to help women live complete and full lives with all the rights that are entitled to every human being. Check out their website to see more of the wonderful things they do to help women everywhere.

Come back daily to see what poetry prompts, women’s quotes, trivia, resources, and books I will be sharing here and on social media.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Herstory

  1. I hated history, too, until I home-schooled my daughter. We had a wonderful history book as part of her curriculum. That’s when I realized history is sooooooooooo much more than simply learning about one war after another (which is how it seemed to me when I was in school.):D

  2. It’s really sad and disheartening to hear women have to defend the term feminist and explain that being one does not make you a “man-hater.” That’s where we were when I graduated from high school forty years ago. It’s one aspect of herstory I sure would like to put in the past. Along with getting paid a third less than a man.

    • Until I moved to Georgia I was starting to think it was changing but here… Wow, a lot of men think I hate men and it doesn’t matter what I say or do, they still believe it. Mostly I think it is because I stand up for myself and I don’t treat them as the one and only authority. I have even had my father in law tell me not to sass him! I am almost fifty and all I was doing was saying my opinion and not even in a rude way. It is ridiculous in the south!

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