Most Influential Woman in Your Life

Fun, special, self-love, self assured and successful… these are all things we strive for in our life, well most of us anyway, and the women play a large role in how we feel about ourselves. No I am not suggesting a blame game, I am suggesting looking at how you feel about yourself and how it reflects what you see in the women around you.

My poetry is mostly about women, about our, my, struggle with feeling I am worthy to take up space. My struggle to understand the world around me and how it affects how I feel about me. Yes I know we aren’t supposed to allow the world around us to dictate how we feel about ourselves but the world around us does shape our lives, does tell us – to some degree – what it means to be a woman.

I am celebrating triple fold this month and at the fore front is Women’s History Month and with that celebration I am going to be sharing daily a women centered poetry prompt – that you can link up your blog post to – and a woman in history. I am also doing a Raffle for you to enter for your chance to win a personal poem written by me.

With everything that is going on in the world and especially in our own backyards, I think it is important to remember those that fought for our, women’s, rights. They fought hard and kept on fighting, each in their own way, to bring equality to their environment.

Now we have politicians trying to take those rights back and I think it is even more important that we remember those women that came before you and maybe they will inspire you to take action, great or small, in your life and in your community.

photos-montageYou and I can help in making sure the women fighting for our rights and not allowing our rights to be taken away again, and continue to help bring equality for all women – I will donate $1.00 for every full priced purchase of my ebooks, Dancing within Shadow and Wild Woman Waking, from the royalties to Now don’t let that name scare you off. Feminism has been given a bad rap over the years but basically they are there to help women live complete and full lives with all the rights that are entitled to every human being. Check out their website to see more of the wonderful things they do to help women everywhere.

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Come back daily to see what poetry prompts, women’s quotes, trivia, resources, and books I will be sharing here and on social media.

Poetry Prompt:

Who is/was the most influential woman in your life? How did they inspire you to feel better about yourself, go after your desires, and live a passionate life (are you living a passionate life, if not why not)? Free write for ten minutes and then choose one sentence from that and create a poem.

Word Prompt: Reflection

Shadow Poetry Type: Free Form If you don’t understand the true meaning of this form, please click on the link and explore how to truly play with your words! This is one of my favorite types of poetry!



Women’s Book:

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian. First off I want you to know that you can get this book for your tablet (or your computer/laptop)  for FREE, so no excuses about not being able to get it. I thought I knew who this woman, Susan B. Anthony, was until I started reading this book. It begins when she is a child and the relationship she had with her family and in particular her father. It goes on to show us her life, through her telling, of standing up for what she believes in and never giving up. All the while she never really thought she was anything special, just that she was doing all that she could to help others live free of oppression.

From the description:

While her goals for women were only partially realized in her lifetime, she prepared the soil for the acceptance not only of her long-hoped-for federal woman suffrage amendment but for a worldwide recognition of human rights, now expressed in the United Nations Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights. She looked forward to the time when throughout the world there would be no discrimination because of race, color, religion, or sex.

It is important that we remember what other’s have done to help create a safe world for us to live in.


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Thank you for helping me celebrate Women’s History Month, Dancing within Shadow’s Book Birthday Bash and the release of Wild Woman Waking!

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11 thoughts on “Most Influential Woman in Your Life

      • I was just told that what I write isn’t poetry. This is what she said.

        “Some poem wannabes are one side of the brain talking to the other. True poems are received by the part of the brain that unites both sides of the brain, and alchemically become words. Images, senses of touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste, rhythms, alliteration, and assonance cannot help but errupt into language. This is the first draft of a poem, that can re-emerge totally transformed, if held long enough in the heart and soul as a question, rather than an assertion… Long walks, or swimming, which help both sides of the brain communicate, by having the right arm move in concert with the left leg, and left arm with right leg, aid in developing true creative muscle…..Tap into the moment and movement of mystery…receive…”

        —and I asked for clarification and she said…

        “I know the ideas you expressed are ones you are passionate about, that you learned through hard-won experience, and that emerged as a discovery you passionately wish to convey as a poem. What you wrote above is what may poets write when they are discovering ideas that want to become poems, that they are passionate about, but the language hasn’t been transformed into poetry, by richness of rhythm or sound or image, or depth of feeling or senses. It reads like analytical prose, not even poetic prose. Perhaps if you meditate, or take a long walk with deep breaths, it may re-emerge re-clothed into poetry.”

        —I believe this is the reason that more people don’t write poetry or are afraid to write poetry because there are people like this out there telling them such as this.

        • then perhaps she should get her own blog, and write her own poetry books, or at least teach a class since she knows everything. Amirite?

          In the words of Lizzi Rogers, BOLLOCKS.

          Personally, I regard that as a spam comment. You don’t tell someone what they’ve written is “not writing”, “not poetry”. Who does that?? NO ONE.

          • It was in a private message because I had reached out to her to get together. She kept going on when I didn’t respond about what she thinks true poetry is. Very frustrating.

            Thank you for being so supportive.

          • Ohmyheart, you do make me smile right through to the middle 😀

            And jumping in to say of this woman – She knoweth not of what she speaketh.

            I double dare ANYONE to say that kind of BS about Dr Seuss – a most widely acclaimed poet who does very little in the way of ‘clothing stuff with senses’.

            Whatevs! Poetry’s subjective. That’s half the beauty of it. And my subjective opinion of her is that she’s a self-important douche-canoe.

          • Oh Lizzi, I was laughing so hard I was snorting! Thank you, thank you! And yes that is what I believe to, that poetry is subjective. I don’t know why she insisted on going on and on (there was even more than this) trying to tell me what poetry is and that what I write isn’t. Thank you for the laugh, I needed it!

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