Wild Woman Waking Review on Beth Camp’s Blog

Wild Woman Waking Review on Beth Camp’s Blog

Beth CampPoetry has led me to many new friends over the last couple of years and though I care deeply for all of them, Beth Camp has a special place in my heart. She showed up at my blog through OctPoWriMo in 2012 happy to have found an outlet for her passion for poetry. Beth has a gentle and encouraging soul that I felt with each of her comments and each of her poems. There were times that I felt like giving up blogging and poetry and there Beth would be with words of encouragement.

With each of the bloggers participating in Wild Woman Waking book tour blog hop, I have explored their blog and what they are currently up to. I had a lovely visit at Beth’s blog. Her latest poem, Women’s History Poetry: On Women Quilting, was inspired by this weeks Poets on the Page poetry prompt. This beautiful poem speaks into quilting and relationships.

Beth just released what I believe is her fifth book, Standing Stones, a historical romance that is the first in a trilogy that sounds intriguing.

A few of my favorites on Beth Camp’s Blog:

Of course I am partial to her OctPoWriMo poems, where you can check out more of her lovely poetry.

I love her travel tales on Beth Camp: On the Road, in particular her travels in Africa.

And this poem, Diving into the Wreck…late which I love for many reasons, first is because she speaks of Adrienne Rich, which is one of my favorite poets, and this poem takes me in and through – that has me feeling I have taken this journey myself.

Prepare your cup of tea and relax as you enter the world of Beth Camp’s Writing that will have you breathing slower, moving slower, and relaxing into being.

Wild Woman Waking Book Launch!

cover18Tui Snider and I combined our talents for this book, her artistic photography mixed with my poetic ramblings creates a unique journey indeed.

Description on Amazon

What part of you have you suppressed, keeping it buried so deep inside that you almost forgot what is most important to you? Almost. As you read the poetic ramblings something stirs inside, your foot starts to tap, and you can hardly sit still. Maybe you turn on some music and dance into this new feeling, moving your hips as thoughts roam your head.

From Wild Woman Waking:

“broken smiles surrounding you
listening to ghostly secrets
desires of the heart
prisoner to your life
woman wake up and dance”

You grab your notebook and pen and begin to write. You realize you can’t sit still anymore because your eyes are wide open. Wild Woman Waking will have you looking at things differently and hopefully taking action for yourself.

Wild Woman Waking: “Sleeping isn’t possible once you explore the inner and outer world of poetry; transformation happens and your eyes open wide.”

If you grew up trying to be what other’s wanted and never sure who you really were or are, now you can choose to live and embrace your inner wild woman and maybe you will be inspired to write poetry of your own! Check out Wild Woman Waking!

This is a blog hop!

From March 10th through March 22nd there will be a blogger interviewing, reviewing, and guest posting for Wild Woman Waking! Every one of these women are amazing in their own right! I can’t help but smile and feel such admiration when looking at all of their lovely faces! Check them out and spread the word of the fun happening here and there!


                    Promotion 5   Prizes! We have prizes for you as a thank you for participating! I will be giving away personal poems, soul messages (you can read one here), a $25 Amazon gift card and paperback copies (which aren’t for sale yet) of Wild Woman Waking! The Winners will be announced on Monday, March 24th, 2014. Enter for your chance to win!  

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During the month of March for Women’s History Month you and I can help in making sure the women fighting for our rights and not allowing our rights to be taken away again, and continue to help bring equality for all women – I will donate $1.00 for every full priced purchase of my ebooks, Dancing within Shadow and Wild Woman Waking, from the royalties to Feminist.com. Now don’t let that name scare you off. Feminism has been given a bad rap over the years but basically they are there to help women live complete and full lives with all the rights that are entitled to every human being. Check out their website to see more of the wonderful things they do to help women everywhere.

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