Woman it is Time To Roar – HerStory Poetry Prompt

Sometimes it is hard for me to show up on the page/blog and think of anything that would be even halfway intellegent or entertaining. The last two days have been rather overwhelming for me in getting ready for the Wild Woman Waking Book Blog Tour that begins THIS MONDAY! Oh I am feeling so not ready. I keep reminding myself to put one foot in front of the other and everything will be just fine, and as I often tell others—Just BREATHE! This too shall pass.

The woman that is helping me through today and is a great one for HerStory is Helen Ready singing, I Am Woman. Take a listen and feel it to your bones (and I hope you sing along LOUD and STRONG)!

Poetry Prompt:

Write your own poem/song/mantra about being a woman, what does it mean to be a woman to you? What self empowering words can you use along with “I Am Woman”

Word Prompt: Woman


Shadow Poetry Type: Acrostic

One of my favorite poetry types/forms is Acrostic. In fact I will dash off one now just for this prompt.


Wise beyond her years she stands strong.
Obliging she will not be if it means compromising her beliefs.
Many have come before her, paving the way.
Angelic yet non-conforming, expressing her true self.
Needing only herself and the Divine to feel complete.

Women’s Books:

This one is to help you feel stronger and claim your warrior status!



And this one could give you ideas on how to create social change.



You and I can help in making sure the women fighting for our rights and not allowing our rights to be taken away again, and continue to help bring equality for all women – I will donate $1.00 for every full priced purchase of my ebooks, Dancing within Shadow and ( Wild Woman Waking is actually Free today), from the royalties to Feminist.com. Now don’t let that name scare you off. Feminism has been given a bad rap over the years but basically they are there to help women live complete and full lives with all the rights that are entitled to every human being. Check out their website to see more of the wonderful things they do to help women everywhere.

Come back daily to see what poetry prompts, women’s quotes, trivia, resources, and books I will be sharing here and on social media.

Front Cover Morgan

CreateSpace Cover for KdpThank you for helping me celebrate Women’s History Month, Dancing within Shadow’s Birthday Book Bash and the release of Wild Woman Waking!  





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