A is for Angry Activist Owning Her Feelings

A is for Angry Activist Owning Her Feelings

Morgan Dragonwillow 2
Art by Morgan Dragonwillow

WARNING ADULT CONTENT: This may offend you, this may make you uncomfortable, this just might make you angry.

Anger is an integrity-protecting response to the invasion of your personal boundaries. It is “no” to a wrong, a violation. It draws lines and throws up barricades.  ~Gabrielle Roth in Maps to Ecstasy



Angry Activist

claiming her anger

feeling her feelings


 Why aren’t you angry?


The sacred feminine was scared into hiding hundreds of years ago during the reign of terror that killed millions of women for over 500 years (though that terror ended the war on women continued). It is no wonder that mothers perpetuate oppression because it is in their very DNA for survival – you must not act out, you must not be different, you must go with the flow to survive.

I don’t want to survive, I want to kick the doors down, scream and yell, and say this is my time to shine!

You know people think there is something wrong with women that are angry? They should be angry, they are sick and tired of being oppressed, told what they can or can’t do, or when they have strong feelings about something they are told they must be on the rag.

I have said in the past, I will not be silent any more. If you think I’m crazy because I write angry poetry, about being angry because of all the injustices in the world, maybe it’s time you look in the mirror, and ask…

Why aren’t you angry?

Are you stuffing everything so deep inside because you truly feel there isn’t anything you can do about it? Is it the only way you can get by in the day? Is it the only way you can sleep at night because if you let yourself think about what is going on in the world, what is happening to women everywhere, what they are doing to our planet, the needless killing and maiming, that you might come unglued at the seams?

I say it is time to fly apart, it is time to wake up and light a fire under your ass!

No more sitting in a bubble thinking it is okay and the world isn’t so bad.


It is our sex

that has been repressed

ripped from our bodies

bloodied and banished

no more feeling tarnished

reclaiming our sex




Women have power within, creating life, creating love, creating art, and it is past time that we fully embrace our  Sacred Sexual Fire of Creation.

Are you embracing your Sacred Sexual Fire?


I’m participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge, are you? Visit the other participants and leave word love in your wake.






cover18Tui Snider and Morgan Dragonwillow combined their talents for the book, Wild Woman Waking. Tui’s artistic photography mixed with Morgan’s poetic ramblings create a unique journey indeed.

“Sleeping isn’t possible once you explore the inner and outer world of poetry: transformation happens and your eyes open wide.” ~Wild Woman Waking

“…the poetry and photography…STUNNING.” ~Beth Teliho at Writer B is Me


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39 thoughts on “A is for Angry Activist Owning Her Feelings

  1. Yes, I think I am angry, too. But now I want to get even, coz being angry won’t help. I want to get to my rightful place in the world, and raise a daughter who will find her’s too.

    • I believe it is more about our standing up for ourselves and saying no more than it is about getting even. Getting even only continues the abuse on one side or the other, it doesn’t heal it. My hope is that we will create a better world, a balanced world, for our children to live in. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Great advice and as a mother I will be more thoughtful of how I am raising my children because I am passive and I don’t want to burden my children with my burden. I want them to be fearless and do what makes them truly happy.

    Great way to start the challenge off with a call to action.

  3. The first book to really stir up my anger towards the mistreatment of women was Shakti Woman. I was appalled! I wrote a few songs around that time that I still intend to record.

    I think of anger as a personal warning sign alerting me to things in my psyche that need to be addressed. I also see it as a powerful tool, that when used properly, can raised awareness and accomplish much.

    You’ve hit the ground running with the A to Z challenge, Morgan. I enjoyed this and look forward to more from you this month! 😀

    • Thanks Tui, yes it is a warning sign in the psyche but I also feel it can show you when someone is stepping on your boundaries. I look forward to hearing those songs that you created during the time of reading Shakti Woman, I read this book as well and it definitely spurs one to action.

    • Thanks Pooja, fighting it hasn’t done a lot of good. I think it is more about refusing to put up with it. Not allowing them to dictate what is good or bad for us. We must stand and speak up. I believe the more women do that, the more we can balance things out. My thoughts anyway.

  4. Now then, I’m not sure how to respond to ‘unharnessed’ when lately I am very VERY glad to have been able to get back in the saddle 😉

    Great way to kick things off, Morgan.

    • You may be glad to be back in the saddle but would you personally like to be harnessed, kept from speaking your mind, and punished if you did? That is what I mean by unharnessed. To be free to be who we are in every moment of every day. Thanks for stopping by Lizzi, always a pleasure to see you!

      • Nuances I missed, I’m afraid. Thanks for the clarification 🙂

        And no, quite frankly, I would go mad. You’re right to speak against it. I forget all too often about that kind of thing, because of the luxury of the permissive world I live in.

  5. I would love to be around a fire with you and a whole contingent of glorious women, rising together for change through creativity. Revolution! It is time….

    Thank you for embracing anger. Enough of always trying to be Little Miss Nicey Nice! Big hugs!

  6. Fierce. And much to think about. I had to get angry and stand up for myself in a significant way last year. I kept being told to be quiet and keep my head down that it would blow over and I just needed to put up with it.
    Why would anyone think that was acceptable. It isn’t easy but then doing what is right usually isn’t.

    • Yes, I and many others know about the “…being told to be quiet and keep my head down that it would blow over and I just need to put up with it” situations. And I agree, it isn’t acceptable. I am glad you were able to stand up for yourself and get yourself out of that situation. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  7. Very very intense Morgan. Many feel the same way, but are clueless on how and where to vent it. Your thoughts are very fierce and I’m sure as a person, you are too!
    Loved the poem 🙂

    • Thank you Sharu, my energy, as well as my self, is very intense and can put people off. Though I try not to over power people I don’t want to be contained like a lion in a cage and must speak my truth.

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