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  1. vasudha
    vasudha at | | Reply

    Empowering !

  2. Considerer
    Considerer at | | Reply

    You missed SUCH an opportunity there, Morgan.

    Could totally have used the line “Just a quickie”


  3. Nikita Goel
    Nikita Goel at | | Reply

    Yes I embrace my feminine fire and feel the bliss to be a woman 🙂 Inspired to death by you

  4. Cristina
    Cristina at | | Reply

    I think it’s always a fine line between using your sexuality and allowing your sexuality to use you! Awesome post here!

    I agree with Lizzie (Considerer) TOTAL missed opportunity!!


    1. Considerer
      Considerer at | | Reply

      I know, right? Ohhhhh so perfect!

  5. Julie Jordan Scott
    Julie Jordan Scott at | | Reply

    I had this thought last night as I was having sex. (Yes, I was thinking while having sex instead of staying completely present to my partner. Ah, well) and I was thinking how sometimes I just want to have sex because I want to be close. That’s it. I’m not seeking orgasm in those cases or flying around the stratosphere, I just want to be entered and held. Held and entered. In communion. At times, that is where my feminine fire is felt the deepest.

    Happy Monday, Morgan. Always enjoy your words.

  6. Tui Snider @TuiSnider
    Tui Snider @TuiSnider at | | Reply

    I love that you used a quote from Marilyn Monroe!

    I was afraid to wear dresses or makeup until my 20’s, when I finally began to feel safe enough to be “feminine” in whichever way I chose. It appalls me that even now, rape victims are often blamed because of the outfits they had on. Grrr!

  7. Ida Chiavaro
    Ida Chiavaro at | | Reply

    The fire is always burning. Sometimes just the embers are glowing other times it’s an inferno. Exploring and discovering the beauty and depth of feminine sexuality is one of the greatest gifts we can give humankind.

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