F is for Feminine Fire Dancing in Your Veins

F is for Feminine Fire Dancing in Your Veins

Morgan Dragonwillow 7a
Art by Morgan Dragonwillow


“We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”

― Marilyn Monroe



Feminine fire

is now dancing in your veins

trail blazing light


 Have you embraced your feminine fire?


Keeping it short today. Hope you have a great week! 


Women have power within, creating life, creating love, creating art, and it is past time that we fully embrace our  Sacred Sexual Fire of Creation.

Are you embracing your Sacred Sexual Fire?


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cover18Tui Snider and Morgan Dragonwillow combined their talents for the book, Wild Woman Waking. Tui’s artistic photography mixed with Morgan’s poetic ramblings create a unique journey indeed.

“Sleeping isn’t possible once you explore the inner and outer world of poetry: transformation happens and your eyes open wide.” ~Wild Woman Waking

“…the poetry and photography…STUNNING.” ~Beth Teliho at Writer B is Me


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17 thoughts on “F is for Feminine Fire Dancing in Your Veins

  1. I think it’s always a fine line between using your sexuality and allowing your sexuality to use you! Awesome post here!

    I agree with Lizzie (Considerer) TOTAL missed opportunity!!


    • Cristina, I believe that when we are in balance our Feminine Fire helps us in all our creative abilities/endeavors and not just in our sexuality. If a person is suppressing her sexuality because of society, religion, or because of issues that have happened in her life, she is not fully awake to her possibilities and potential.

  2. I had this thought last night as I was having sex. (Yes, I was thinking while having sex instead of staying completely present to my partner. Ah, well) and I was thinking how sometimes I just want to have sex because I want to be close. That’s it. I’m not seeking orgasm in those cases or flying around the stratosphere, I just want to be entered and held. Held and entered. In communion. At times, that is where my feminine fire is felt the deepest.

    Happy Monday, Morgan. Always enjoy your words.

    • Thank you for sharing this Julie, and I think a lot of women feel this way. Often it is the closeness we crave more than the sexual act itself. In fact I think that is how teen pregnancies happen more often than not. The girls that have been neglected at home, that are craving a human connection, end up getting in trouble because they seek out any connection instead of healthy ones. I am of course speaking from experience. Unfortunately the teen girl doesn’t realize that when it is happening.

  3. I love that you used a quote from Marilyn Monroe!

    I was afraid to wear dresses or makeup until my 20’s, when I finally began to feel safe enough to be “feminine” in whichever way I chose. It appalls me that even now, rape victims are often blamed because of the outfits they had on. Grrr!

    • Marilyn Monroe she represented the quintessential Sex Goddess/Aphrodite of the 20th century.

      Yes, it makes me angry as well that rape victims are still blamed because of what they choose to wear. It doesn’t matter what a person is wearing, it doesn’t give a person any right to touch them in any way let alone in the most private way a person can be touched. It is about power and control, not sex. Unfortunately we are still governed by people that are all about power and control.

      Some day… women will be able to wear what they want, when they want, without fear of attack of any kind.

  4. The fire is always burning. Sometimes just the embers are glowing other times it’s an inferno. Exploring and discovering the beauty and depth of feminine sexuality is one of the greatest gifts we can give humankind.

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