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  1. Lisa Reiter
    Lisa Reiter at | | Reply

    Oh Oh, Morgan, gosh
    There’s so much in here.
    The way you’ve laid this open tells it’s own tale but the bit that had me in tears was the 21 punctures and finally a shaved bit of scalp to find a vein..
    To be honest, I’m struggling with words, but that’s testimony to your use of them – I share a ‘knowing’ of this as another Mum but still daren’t imagine how this was at the time.

    Thank you so much for sharing this one. I am so delighted and relieved to know your baby girl is now that smart beautiful woman you know and love, Lisa xxx

  2. Norah Colvin
    Norah Colvin at | | Reply

    Oh Morgan, What a dreadful time for you all. Sometimes you wonder how you get through it, don’t you. But you all have. Well done!

  3. Priya Sridhar
    Priya Sridhar at | | Reply

    Wow; that must have been scary for you. I’m so glad the ordeal happened only once, and that your daughter is well now and grown up into a fine lady.

  4. Charli Mills
    Charli Mills at | | Reply

    Such a terrible experience to go through with your baby, but how much more appreciative you must be of the smart and beautiful woman she grew in to.

  5. Irene Waters
    Irene Waters at | | Reply

    I felt the pain you felt all those years ago. What a difficult time that was for you and I’m so glad your daughter has grown into a “smart and beautiful woman.”

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