Writing Prompts – Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer

Writing Prompts – Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer

Picture14Are you having trouble getting your words onto the page or writing your emotions down?

The power to heal yourself resides within you. You know this, we each know this deep inside.

The ache that governs our lives, the ache that governs your life – you can rediscover your truth.

Come with me on this journey of self reflection, of getting your words and feelings down onto the page for yourself and for your story/memoir/poetry.


If you summon your courage, we can do this together.

Open to a new way of being.


Time for:

Reflection – for going deeper

Rejuvenation – the potential to experience change, and opening to your inner writer. (Find out more about shadow timings and the benefits of going deeper during retrogrades.)

I will be posting a question or two here daily during this shadow timing to reflect upon, to journal with, to help you release what is stuck, blocked, and buried. Working with shadow timings to explore your shadows you can find the treasures waiting to be found.

Writing Prompt: Resistance

Join me now in dancing out resistance to experiencing change – grounding and setting your energy to open and receiving the words that want to come through you. Allow the music (James Asher’s Crocodile Feet) to create movement within your body, mind and spirit. Only move in ways that are comfortable to you and stop if anything hurts or becomes uncomfortable. When you are finished dancing and moving to the music, take a few moments to write your thoughts down in your journal, on your blog, or in the comments below.

Remember… If you feel resistance now or with future posts it usually means there is something there that needs to be cleared. If you feel resistance with future posts, come back to this one and dance out the resistance.

Now relax and close your eyes while you take in Olivia Newton John’s song, Learn to Love Yourself.


As I Create Them I will be Adding Links to the Posts for the Daily Writing Prompts:


Day 1: Where Are Your Words Stuck in Your Body?

Day 2: Making Friends with Your Inner Masculine

Day 3: Are You Letting Fear Stop Your Words

Day 4: Allow Yourself to Get Your Feelings on the Page

Day 5: Writers Are you Able to Connect to Your Muse?

Day 6: Are You Writing Your Heart onto the Page?

Day 7: Are Old Resentments Clogging Your Writing?


*The words that are in both bold and italics are words that you can reflect upon as well during this experiential journey.

Share your thoughts about this process, whether you will be joining me, or any questions you may have and if you blog about it please come back and share your link in the comments below.



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“Sometimes poets write what we wish we could say, and they tell us what we need to know. The poems in Wild Woman Waking lead us to a place where we can proudly refuse to be “bent and broken”; instead, they document a journey to self-acceptance, peace, and understanding – where in a community of women, we celebrate and dance as Mud Women. We become women of spirit and keepers of our own keys.” ~Beth Camp


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12 thoughts on “Writing Prompts – Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer

  1. Yay! I’m excited about this.

    Really enjoying the Crocodile Feet song! Makes me want to learn the didgeridoo. 🙂

    The title “Crocodile Feet” reminds me of one of my nephew’s first puns when he was a toddler. My sister told him he couldn’t go into the store barefooted, so he mischievously asked if he could go in “alligator-footed.” Cute, huh?

    He’s a teen now, but still utterly adorable! (Not in the same way, of course, but I’m his aunt. I’m entitled!) 😀

    • Thanks Tui, glad you enjoyed Crocodile Feet! James Asher’s music is some of my favorite to dance to for grounding or just to let loose. Love the story about your nephew! LOL! And of course you are entitled!

  2. I’m in, because I need to how to write when I’m stressed or tired, or just plain not in the mood. I want to learn how to relax, and to use writing as a stronger form of catharsis, especially when writing for a deadline.

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