Writing Prompts – Where are Your Words Stuck in Your Body?

Writing Prompts – Where are Your Words Stuck in Your Body?

1397352093384Today marks the first day of the journey of Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer. I know how hard it can be when you have something in your mind to write but you avoid the page and you find anything, and I do mean anything, else to do but put words to the page. Self sabotage rears its head, avoidance becomes your every day companion. You are here so you must want to put a stop to it.

You can, one step at a time. Or should I say, one word at a time.

I am all about using whatever tools work to get myself writing.

One tool I use is music and dance/movement. I will be posting songs for you to dance with the questions in mind, to move to the music to shake things up, move things out, and connect to your muse, your higher self, your higher power, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. Always remember to move only as much as is comfortable to you. Dancing and moving to the music isn’t supposed to hurt or get you overly winded. Please stop if at anytime you feel pain.

More music and dance to help get you writing:

Get Moving Mondays

Being Creative – Fun Writing Activity


Today’s Questions to Ponder and Write about:


Read the questions, choose which one/s you want to work with and then listen and dance/move to the music below.

  1. Who or what took your voice away when you were growing up? A parent, a teacher, or someone else equally important in your life?
  2. Where are your words stuck in your body, what feels stiff, inflexible?
  3. What relationships influenced your voice, how you used it or didn’t use it?
  4. How has your voice influenced others for the positive and the negative?
  5. What can you do to nourish your voice, your truth, your inner wisdom?
  6. Write about a time that you used your voice with courage. If you can’t think about a time, free write about courage, your voice, and your writing.

It is time to play some music, dance and move to get the words flowing. Now you may be thinking, “I don’t need to dance, I’ll just start writing.” I hope you change your mind because moving your body loosens things up, connects you in, and will have more words flowing than you could possibly imagine. When the music stops, sit down and write whatever came up for you during the dance or ask the questions above to get things started. Don’t worry about anything but getting your words on the page.


If intense feelings come up during your writing, allow yourself to feel them. Holding back your feelings is part of how you lost your voice. When you are finished choose a fun song to dance to, to let go of the energy built up and to let go of what no longer serves you.

*You may decide you need assistance in processing your emotions as they come up because they are so intense, if that is the case then I suggest you seek a professional therapist that is trained to help you.

Take your time in writing that which wants to come through you and onto the page. When you are finished listen and move to the music below.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope you found this beneficial. Join me tomorrow for more questions to help you blow out the stuck places and get those words flowing.

*The words that are in both bold and italics are words that you can reflect upon as well during this experiential journey.

Share your thoughts about this process, whether you are joining in, or any questions you may have. If you blog about it please come back and share your link in the comments below.


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9 thoughts on “Writing Prompts – Where are Your Words Stuck in Your Body?

  1. I did my yoga workout to the first bit of music, which mainly involves holding certain positions that require balance. The steady rhythm helps to create a drumming in the head, a soothing drumming. For the second one, I did some stretches and practiced squats. I felt calm, but uncertain. Every time I am calm, something happens to make things heavily rushed and stressful.
    1. My mother, oddly enough. When I was thirteen, I had just read Shannon Hale’s the Goose Girl, which is YA, and used a bit of innuendo from the novel in a Cinderella rewrite, which my middle school published. My mom was happy, till she read the innuendo; then she went berserk. I lost Internet and reading privileges for that month, and was told to NEVER write about something like that. As a result, I cannot write genuine smut well, and when I imply it I get embarrassed.

    • Oh Priya, I am so glad that you were able to speak into that AND share it here with us. I hope participating in this writing experience that by the end of it you are able to write any kind of sensual scene you wish to. Remember to take care of yourself in gentle and loving ways along the way.

      Peace to you,

  2. I was having one of those days where I just don’t want to socialize or be around people in general. I think my frustration comes with not having written in a while due to work and online summer classes, so for now I’m giving myself the gift of a retreat by writing out this post. The music helps, I also listened and danced to Celtic Woman “A Spaceman Came Traveling” which stirred my imagination a bit when it felt like the river of thoughts dried.

    But for now I’ll go ahead and write out my answer:

    6. (Since I can’t quite place a time, I’m doing the free version). My courage comes from my writing, which acts as my voice when speaking aloud fails me. When I need to, I have so many places to retreat into my head all because of my words, I was able to create something tangible and dear to me as anything. It took me a while to realize that if I could place so much faith in what I was able to manifest for my own healing, then I should have just as much faith in myself. Nowadays I can just walk to classes and just feel this type of kinetic energy humming in my brain, once there is something to set spark to inspiration a whole other world is made. And I know just by diving into my writing I can resurface feeling stronger, happier, and I would like to believe just a little bit braver.

    • Thank you for participating Corissa, and glad you gave yourself time for a mini retreat with my post! I love the Cetic Woman music and love that you danced with it and it stirred your imagination. Thank you for sharing your free write with us and I’m happy that you are “…feeling stronger, happier, and I would like to believe just a little bit braver.”

      Peace to you,

  3. I love to dance, but have never really used dancing as a way to connect with my writing, so I am eager to try this out!

    You’ve given us a lot of things to explore in this post. I’ll let you know how it goes. 😀

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