Falling into the Imagination – BiteSizeMemoir

Falling into the Imagination – BiteSizeMemoir

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
― Albert Einstein


I remember a box at grandmothers filled with dresses, white, cream, blue and green.

I remember being able to escape as I fell into a world of imagination, as I put on those dresses and became a Princess, a Grande Lady at the Ball, or a Queen.

I remember feeling anything was possible while in those dresses, that magic was real, that someday I would be my own person, that someday I would fly away, unseen.

I remember having to say goodbye to those dresses, board a plane to far away lands, living as if in the in between.

I remember crying myself to sleep, wishing myself back to grandmothers, back to those dresses in a box, back to being a princess laughing and dancing.

I remember moments of escape – playing with a scarf, swirling, twirling as nightmares roam the edges waiting.

I remember joy filling my heart as we boarded the plane back home, grinning at the thought of seeing the box again, the dresses and my next fitting.

I remember running out to the old play room, searching every nook and cranny, becoming more and more anxious as my heart felt like it was going to stop beating.

I remember the words so lightly tossed, of no consequence, they had been given away, or thrown away, long ago – turning around, tears falling.

I remember being grown, having a box of my own that will never disappear, will always be here for the grand babies… and me, playing.


Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow – My grand daughter that loves to dress up and pose for the camera!


#BiteSizeMemoir by Lisa Reiter at Sharing the Story prompt this week is dressing up.  I am enjoying participating in Lisa’s lovely BiteSizeMemoir, I hope you decide to explore it for yourself. You never know what juicy tidbits you will remember, or triggered, from her prompts.


Please visit Lisa Reiter’s blog and the other participants. Do you have a dress up story?


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5 thoughts on “Falling into the Imagination – BiteSizeMemoir

  1. Awww….so so cute! I remember when we were young sis n me used to play dress up, she always wanting to be a pretty fairy in white frilly frocks…Your post got me nostalgic! 🙂

  2. After that build up and so much joy that phrase puts a lump in my throat..

    “I remember the words so lightly tossed, of no consequence..”

    It reminds us, that it’s sometimes how we as adults handle these disappointments with children, that determines their impact!

    Go Grandma – I bet you ARE fab ! Thanks for joining in again especially when you’re sorting Soul Prompts out at the same time! I really appreciate your effort, Lisa xx

  3. Oh I’m far from perfect and I’m sure I’m doing my own fair share of a different kind of damage but I love them and do my best.

    Thanks Lisa, I enjoy participating and it’s fodder for my memoirs that I am accumulating writing for in the future. 😀

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