Hair Flowing Freedom – BiteSizeMemoir

Hair Flowing Freedom – BiteSizeMemoir

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

#BiteSizeMemoir prompt from Lisa Reiter at Sharing the Story asked that we write about cycling this week. This brings up a lot of memories for me. Here are my 10 x 1 I remember.

old-bicycle-Scott Meltzer
Photo by Scott Meltzer at

I remember my training wheels coming off as my father held the back and ran beside me as excitement and fear co-mingled within;  that was a good day.

I remember a banana seat, flowers, and the color pink.

I remember loving, when I was old enough, that I could ride by myself around the complex and down the little roads that wove between the German garden plots.

I remember closing my eyes as I pretended to fly on those roads, peddling slow and fast, feeling the freedom that I craved.

I remember meandering and dawdling not wanting to point my bike home.

I remember a tandem bike ride with my grandfather (my father’s father), of his smile (which didn’t happen often), and a Denny’s breakfast.

I remember a family bike ride, my sister falling, and her knees embedded with gravel; my stomach revolted when I discovered the doctor had to scrub the gravel out of her knees.

I remember putting my young daughter on my back as I rode my bike around town, enjoying each moment I had when it was just she and I.

I remember spending time teaching her how to ride her bike when that day came; five being the magical year of learning this new skill.

I remember how much I love riding and can’t wait to once again feel the breeze move through my hair as I fly down a road feeling free.


Now it’s your turn, what cycling memories do you have?


#BiteSizeMemoir by Lisa Reiter at Sharing the Story prompt this week is cycling.  I am enjoying participating in Lisa’s lovely BiteSizeMemoir, I hope you decide to explore it for yourself. You never know what juicy tidbits you will remember, or be triggered, from her prompts.


Please visit Lisa Reiter’s blog and the other participants. Do you have a dress up story?


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22 thoughts on “Hair Flowing Freedom – BiteSizeMemoir

  1. Oh yikes! The gravel in the knees – I remember having that picked out with tweezers! But my favourite line is “enjoying each moment I had when it was just she and I.”
    ‘just she and I’ – Another lump in throat – thank you 🙂 Lisa x

    • Thank you Lisa, yes it was quite traumatic even though it happened to my sister and not me. I was always very cautious growing up (at least I thought I was), and she was the tomboy, being dangerous and climbing trees. I am older by about 3 years.

      Love to know that my writing evokes some emotion and I appreciate you letting me know.

      Peace to you.

  2. Yup–gravel in the knees killed any liking I could have had for biking! I’ve realized that the freedom I found on the back of a horse is similar to those who’ve found it on bikes. Never hot gravelly road-rash from a horse! 🙂

    • Give me a bike over a horse any day. A bike doesn’t sense your mood and decide to throw you or take a corner too fast (again and again) so that you fall off! Nope, I may love horses, their beauty and what they symbolize, but I’d rather have my bike. Oh and you don’t have to clean up after it or feed a bike.

      Thanks for stopping by Charli, always lovely to hear from you even when we disagree! =D

  3. Your memories brought up several of my own. That’s part of the fun with these Bite Size Memoirs, isn’t it? I sometimes can’t think of anything to write about until I see someone else’s! 🙂

    Gravel in the knees – yikes! Oh, and the tandem bike. I had forgotten about those, but I have a funny memory connected to one.

    • Hey Tui, I purposely don’t read the others until I have written mine because I want to make sure mine doesn’t sound like someone else’s. My mind starts churning as soon as I read the prompt. For me it is more about keeping it simple and not allowing it to grow too large for BiteSizeMemoir. I think that is why I stick with the 10 x 1s. Thanks for stopping by!

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