Soul Prompts Book Cover Reveal Party

Soul Prompts Book Cover Reveal Party

Cover RevealIt’s a party! I am celebrating because Soul Prompts has a cover! Make sure you check out the trivia question before you leave. If you are the first one to answer the question correctly in the comments below, you will be a WINNER!

As a writer there are many ups and downs throughout your writing process. The down days are a major downer because the words get all jammed up and refuse to flow. But ahhhhh the good days, when the flowing words are better than chocolate (is there anything better than chocolate?)  and life feels glorious! And then there are the really good days, when you complete a milestone such as finishing your first draft or your last draft or your manuscript is ready to be published. That is a day when you pull out the bubbly, put some steaks on the grill, invite your friends over (If they are still talking to you since you’ve been locked away in your room writing day and night!), and have a party!

Today is one of those days!


I am pleased to reveal the cover for Soul Prompts: Finding and Hearing Your Inner Voice.

 Soul Prompts Book Cover2d


Soul Prompts is a spiritual writing experience that gives you a direct line to the source of inspiration.

If you could communicate with your soul would you?

If you could hear what your soul’s plan is for this life, would you want to hear it?

What if learning to communicate with your soul could help you get your words on the page?

Soul Prompts will help you connect to that voice within whether you want to have a deeper spiritual life, a better understanding of your purpose, discover which path to take next or to help you get your stories written.

Are you open to the possibilities?

It’s time to have a conversation with your soul.

This book is for you if you want to:

  1. Take your writing to a deeper level.
  2. Explore your connection to your soul.
  3. Live a more spiritual life.
  4. Have a better understanding of your writing journey.
  5. Figure out your next step.
  6. Discover where your words come from.
  7. Learn why your soul chose this life.

And so much more.

Soul Prompts: Finding and Hearing Your Inner Voice – Paperback and ebook – coming out this October!


This beautiful cover was created by the artistic and wonderful Andrea Moore! Working with her was a pleasure and she was very patient with my questions and suggestions until we were both happy with the results! If you are working on a book and don’t have a cover yet, I highly recommend you have a chat with her!

Andrea Moore a

Cover Artist

Andrea Moore grew up in a town so small, on top of a marsh, that the mosquito was considered the city bird. She uses her degree in computer graphics and her artistic abilities to sprinkle joy throughout local consignment shops and Etsy. Andrea is now breaking out of the box further as she explores the adventures of book cover creating.


Fun Trivia Game

What’s a party without a game? In this game you will hop from one blog to the next, finding the clues, and when you think you have the answer, come back here and put the answer in the comments below. The first person with the correct answer will win a signed copy of Soul Prompts when it comes out in October and a $10 Amazon gift card at the time of winning. Have fun!


Where in the world is one of my favorite places to sit or walk and connect with the source of creation and to remember we are all one?

First stop is Tui Snider’s Offbeat & Overlooked Travel

Make sure you ask questions and leave comments on the participating bloggers. They enjoy word love too!

*Some of the bloggers may be in different time zones and may not be up right at 12 a.m. EDT. Check back later if that is the case.

 Good luck but most of all have a great time!



Delightful News & Updates:


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Soul Prompts by Morgan Dragonwillow

Soul Prompts

by Morgan Dragonwillow

Giveaway ends September 27, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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CreateSpace Cover for KdpPurchase Wild Woman Waking Now on Amazon in Paperback and EBook.

“Sometimes poets write what we wish we could say, and they tell us what we need to know. The poems in Wild Woman Waking lead us to a place where we can proudly refuse to be “bent and broken”; instead, they document a journey to self-acceptance, peace, and understanding – where in a community of women, we celebrate and dance as Mud Women. We become women of spirit and keepers of our own keys.” ~Beth Camp


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15 thoughts on “Soul Prompts Book Cover Reveal Party

  1. The book sounds wonderful!! I’m definetley going to want to order a copy! Thank you for letting me design your cover! I really enjoyed making it for you!

    • Hey Andrea, you were close enough! Founder’s Grove Trail was what I was looking for but you did get that it was Founder’s Grove, congratulations! You will be receiving notice from Amazon regarding your gift card within the next 24 hours. You will need to message me on Facebook your address so that when Soul Prompts is completed, I can mail you an autographed copy.

      Thanks for playing along with us!

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