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  1. Lisa Reiter
    Lisa Reiter at | | Reply

    Perfect! Looks fabulous and the title draws you right in. Congratulations Morgan! Lisa xx

  2. Beth Teliho
    Beth Teliho at | | Reply

    Gorgeous cover, Morgan! So happy for you! You are such a talented artist and I’m excited for this book!

  3. Considerer
    Considerer at | | Reply

    Whoot! Congratulations, Morgan – I hope the launch and the book go BRILLIANTLY. The cover’s gorgeous 🙂

  4. Andrea
    Andrea at | | Reply

    The book sounds wonderful!! I’m definetley going to want to order a copy! Thank you for letting me design your cover! I really enjoyed making it for you!

  5. Andrea
    Andrea at | | Reply

    Is the answer to the game Founder’s Grove, Dyerville loop?

  6. Shan Jeniah Burton
    Shan Jeniah Burton at | | Reply

    Happy to be a part of the celebration! I like my chocolate dark and my steak rare, thanks! =D

  7. Fida
    Fida at | | Reply

    I really love the cover!

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