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  1. Diana
    Diana at | | Reply


    1. Lisa Reiter
      Lisa Reiter at | | Reply

      I know..
      .. I need time to reflect before saying more

  2. Considerer
    Considerer at | | Reply

    Very painful to read. I’m sad your employers were so lacking in compassion 🙁 That sucks

  3. geoff
    geoff at | | Reply

    That stings; the impenetrable stupidity of people can be breath taking at times. I hope time and poetry has had a cathartic effect.

  4. Lance
    Lance at | | Reply

    I believe all of that happened for a reason as your next career has produced lovely results and happiness for you. This is one of those times it shows.

  5. Julie Jordan Scott
    Julie Jordan Scott at | | Reply

    I have forgotten the bite sized memoir… I started with them and then there were a couple prompts that didn’t resonate and now… I need to check them out. They helped birth this awesome bit of poetry. Narrative, confessional and true to life. Thanks for writing and sharing, Morgan. Big hugs!

  6. Tamara (at PenPaperPad)
    Tamara (at PenPaperPad) at | | Reply

    I’m glad you were able to write something so brutally honest and beautiful from such a heinous time.

  7. Tina
    Tina at | | Reply

    The power exudes. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lisa Reiter
    Lisa Reiter at | | Reply

    There’s so much here amid the stupid employer, the terrible sadness and expectations to do as we’re told – Even in the face of ridiculously unfair requests..

    And then, how it affected you..

    All within a constraint of 150 words..

    I’m humbled.

    Thank you for sharing from your soul.

    Love and hugs, Lisa x

  9. Irene Waters
    Irene Waters at | | Reply

    I’m sad for your loss and sad that your work didn’t show the understanding that you needed twelve years ago. I’m glad that you came through it and hope that your heart felt poem has not rekindled all those feelings you experienced at that time but rather started a process that allows you to remember without that soul destroying pain. Hugs across cyber space – thanks for sharing

  10. Charli Mills
    Charli Mills at | | Reply

    Painful, but beautifully expressed. I’m reading a book about the writer as cartographer and sometimes we go into these dangerous lands, but come out as a guide for others. This kind of writing, your poetry, has the power to move. May it move you through and help others move through the terrain of grief. Big hugs to you and a big kick to those who couldn’t see what you were suffering. Okay, my tantrum is over. Just, big hugs to you.

  11. Luccia Gray
    Luccia Gray at | | Reply

    Powerful and painful. Thanks for sharing.

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