Halloween Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop

Halloween means different things for different people. Some believe that it is evil and shouldn’t be celebrated. Some believe it is just a fun day for kids where they eat too much candy. Some believe it is a special day where the walls between the worlds are thinnest and we can communicate with those that have passed or say goodbye to those that have passed in the previous year.

IMAG0101 (1)
Is this tree haunted? Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow in St. Augustine taken with a digital camera & unedited.

Halloween is a time where things that go bump in the night seem to be more fascinating, all things ghostly, horror, and magical.

My partner and I love to visit St. Augustine and visit all of the old sites while taking photos hoping we will capture a ghostly entity on camera. The tree in the photo above, no matter how many times I took a picture of it from this angle, came out looking like this. All of the other photos from that trip came out just fine except one other, this sign on the promenade.

I took two photos of this sign and they both look like this.

I took a lot of photos on this trip, only these two had problems. What do you think, are they haunted?

Trick or Treat blog hop

If you love free books then you will love Patricia Lynne’s creative Trick-Or-Treat blog hop

The gist of it is, you go from one blog to the next and find out what goodies you can win on each site by commenting or whatever that blog requires for you to receive your treat!

Trick-Or-Treating isn’t just for the kids anymore! We grown ups like goodies too! So let’s play and have some fun, and of course get lots of goodies in the process!

To win an e-book of Wild Woman Waking, just enter Trick-Or-Treat with your comment, here or on another of my posts, (make sure you use your email that you use for Amazon so I can send you your free ebook) by 12 a.m ET. November 2nd, 2014. If by chance you already have Wild Woman Waking you can specify that you would rather have my other ebook, Dancing within Shadow.

Watch for an email from Amazon for your link to your FREE ebook!

Remember: Book Reviews Are Candy For Authors! 


CreateSpace Cover for Kdp

“Sometimes poets write what we wish we could say, and they tell us what we need to know. The poems in Wild Woman Waking lead us to a place where we can proudly refuse to be “bent and broken”; instead, they document a journey to self-acceptance, peace, and understanding – where in a community of women, we celebrate and dance as Mud Women. We become women of spirit and keepers of our own keys.” ~Beth Camp


Hop along and find other great goodies from other authors!

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40 thoughts on “Halloween Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop

  1. I’m sure there’s so much we don’t know and will never understand. Why not share the world with spirits? I’d like to think they’re here to lend a hand to those of us still struggling to make sense of things. Trick or Treat. I’d love to win your book of poetry. Great to meet you on this ghostly holiday.

  2. Happy Halloween and trick or treat!! I haven’t read either of the books, so you can do the honors of choosing the first book for me to indulge!! PS- That tree picture had me seeing all kinds of weird things… Thanks so very much for offering your treats!! Eva

    • Thanks Kimberly, We were back in St. Augustine this past weekend and I went to take another photo of the tree to see if it would come out the same and I realized they had cut it down and put up a building. It was very sad.

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