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Change is a difficult thing as anyone that has set a New Year’s Resolution can attest to. We plan, we set our best intentions and then fall flat on our face. I have heard that you can’t stop an old habit without starting a new one. As I said in yesterday’s post, I have spent way too much time watching television and definitely would call it a habit that I’d like to let go of. Drawing/doodling is one of the things that I have decided to replace it with, and music. Listening to music in the background when I’m doing other things is healthier than sitting in front of a television for hours and hours.

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Picture hanging on my wall, quote is an excerpt from my book, Wild Woman Waking, from the poem, Change.

Day Two of #365Prompts:

What old habits are you trying to let go of and have you thought about what new, positive, habit you will replace it with?

Word Prompt: Change


My journal entry:

Some days it is hard to write and the words are like pulling teeth – difficult, stubborn and down right painful. I have promised myself though that I will come to the page every single day regardless of the content that I write, just to get back into the habit of writing again.

Today I am thinking about how difficult changes are and what I can do to keep myself on track. What types of rewards could I offer myself besides a job well done? Sweets are out of the question as I weigh more now than I ever have in my life. Not that I am bashing my body, it is more like I am a little worried with my age and out of shape body that is going to set me up to become ill. Health isn’t something I literally set an intention for this year, but, it is definitely something that I need to work toward. This year most of my goals are geared toward business and relationships.

I am reminding myself to smile and know that everything is going to be alright, that everything actually is alright. Filling my heart with love and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.



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4 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Hard – Writing Prompts

  1. I’ve got too many bad habits to count. One that I’d like to get rid of is my constant state of anxiety at home, always waiting for something to go wrong and then losing my temper when I’m made fun of for it. My triggers have increased, so I would like to deal with them as well.

    I also want to get rid of idle Sundays, doing as much as I can rather than letting time get away from me. That would be the ideal, at least.

    What positive habit CAN one replace worry with? Procrastination, at least, I can replace that by doing productive things, like writing ahead of time and when I know I’m free and meditating. But it’s harder than it looks, and as time passes it’s harder to fight myself.

    • Dear Priya, My hope for your 2015 is that you find more compassion for yourself and see all the good and lovely within you.

      I know the struggle of feeling like you’re losing ground and letting the negative overwhelm you. Changing my focus, reading positive and inspirational books, getting out in nature, are all things I do to help me. I hope you find what helps you in your endeavors.

      Much love to you.

  2. I made an impromptu decision to cut back on my Mt Dew. (MMMM, my precious) I just decided to limit myself to a 12oz can or bottle and replace those 8 ounces that would have been pop with water. So far, doing good.

    • Ah yes, Mt. Dew, I know it well. I gave it up during 2014. I discovered what they put in it and decided I’d rather not put that in my body. I still don’t drink enough water though as I drink my Cocoa Chai first thing in the morning and usually sip on it for hours even when it is cold. It is one of my goals to drink more water this year as well.

      Here is to both of us attaining our goals this year.

      Peace to you.

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