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  1. Patricia Lynne
    Patricia Lynne at | | Reply

    You have skillz, Morgan. I’m a little afraid to try writing like you do. Have you seen the inside of my brain???? Scary place. 😉

  2. C. Lee McKenzie
    C. Lee McKenzie at | | Reply

    Wow! Great A post. Great poem.

  3. Tyrean Martinson
    Tyrean Martinson at | | Reply

    Beautiful! I love your thoughts on just writing poetry, and your poem is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Djinnia
    Djinnia at | | Reply

    Lovely poem. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. Deb Atwood
    Deb Atwood at | | Reply

    Your poem and quest for answers are inspiring. I especially like the last three lines of the poem that end with “moving but never looking within.”

  6. i b arora
    i b arora at | | Reply

    i love the post, poem is beautiful

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