B is for Blood

B is for Blood

Photo is of the lights in our Kia at night while moving the camera/phone with Instagram editing.

If you want to play with your words and see where they will lead you, choose a word and write to your heart’s content. If you want to create a poem in form, check out Shadow Poetry where you will find wonderful examples of all different types of poetry. Don’t worry about whether it is good enough, just write.

In our veins 
flowing through from
generation to generation
bleeding from the inside out
heart expanding outward beyond
all knowing – all feeling – all being into
eternity and mothers, daughters creating
life creating love creating between the moments
of time creating one cell into many cells into infinity
will we continue to stop the blood stop the bleeding and
damn up the women into nothing but automatons without a
mouth or heart to keep humanity thriving into the future cutting
off our limbs and sowing up our mouths to keep women from
living and loving creating only now you can see the errors of
your ways maybe before it’s all undone and we annihilate
each  other until there is  nothing left and nature takes
back what’s hers what doesn’t belong to you never
did you will have  a  choice  you  could  make  a
difference or not and you will go into the
void and nature will  live  and  prosper
turning everything green again
left to its own devices
to live and
Are you writing poetry? There are no rules, open your heart and put your words on the page.
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PageLines- picture20193.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow is a writing rebel, foodie, urban gardener, recovering perfectionist, poet & author that (mostly) doesn’t let her fears get in the way of her passion for writing and creating. She is team leader at @StoryDam, creatrix of  #OctPoWriMo You can find her gardening and cooking at A Poet’s Kitchen: Conscious Gardening and Intuitive Home Cooking. She lives in Marietta, Ga. with her loving and patient partner, their dog that thinks she’s a princess, and the cat that reminds her that she isn’t.
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