D is for Denial, Defeat and Done

D is for Denial, Defeat and Done

I was in denial over being able to handle everything that I have taken on this month. I am admitting defeat. I am done spreading myself so thin that I feel like I am going to fly apart.

I have over 100 seedlings that I am taking care of while working on getting the garden ready for planting and I have three blogs that I am participating in the A to Z challenge. Since this blog doesn’t seem to be getting much attention I am going to drop it from the challenge. You can find me at A Poet’s Kitchen sharing Life Lessons and Recipes  and at StoryDam sharing Writing Tips and Quotes.

Peace to you.

blooming tree

Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow
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PageLines- picture20193.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow is a writing rebel, foodie, urban gardener, recovering perfectionist, poet & author that (mostly) doesn’t let her fears get in the way of her passion for writing and creating. She is team leader at @StoryDam, creatrix of  #OctPoWriMo You can find her gardening and cooking at A Poet’s Kitchen: Conscious Gardening and Intuitive Home Cooking. She lives in Marietta, Ga. with her loving and patient partner, their dog that thinks she’s a princess, and the cat that reminds her that she isn’t.
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18 thoughts on “D is for Denial, Defeat and Done

  1. This year I’m only planting fava beans, potatoes and green onions. We don’t have the water to put in a full garden. I’m heartbroken because this is one thing that really makes me feel good each spring. Good luck with your crop!

    • Sorry to hear you aren’t able to do more of a garden and that you are having water problems. Have you looked into how you can use your gray water for gardening? When we had water restrictions I would fill buckets with the water in the shower as I was waiting for the water to warm and the water caught while I was showing, it proved to be so much water that I didn’t even use it all for my plants.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your garden.

  2. Holy moly, I can’t believe you signed up three blogs for the challenge! I have enough problems managing just the one. I’ll hie myself over to your other blogs to see what you have cooking there. (Excuse the pun. It doesn’t deserve to be excused, but please excuse it anyway!)

  3. D for dedication no?, I can understand given the number of things on your plate,could I do something to help you to keep going with us Morgan, its just another 24 posts 🙂

    • Hi Shweta, It isn’t like I am actually stopping the A to Z challenge, I’m just doing it on two other sites and letting this one go. I just can’t keep up with all three and the other responsibilities I have. I don’t know what I was thinking in the first place. Peace to you.

  4. I see how hard you work and how hard you push yourself all the time. If bowing out feels best, then more power to you! You can write poems any time, but with gardening you have to stay in sync with the seasons. 🙂

    • Hi Tui, yes, with gardening I definitely have to stay in sync with the seasons but I probably bit off more than I can chew with that as well. I thought the guys doing the community garden would be thrilled with all the seedlings they will have but I think instead they are seeing how much work they are going to have to do to get the community garden ready and not much is happening over there. I may have to get out there and start digging myself, which I don’t know how I’m going to do now that we are in 80 degree weather. Hopefully we will have a little bit of a cool down soon so I can get out there a bit. Thanks for stopping by!

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