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  1. Misky
    Misky at | | Reply

    “Deep beginner’s mind” — love that.

  2. derelict june
    derelict june at | | Reply

    What a great opening quote.

    This is my favorite part of the poem:
    “Having spun out of chaos
    Into the deep beginners mind”

  3. Candy
    Candy at | | Reply

    great, from A to Z! Like the angst pulling at your shirt, the muses poking and prodding, and zany words exploding. What fun!

  4. Cressida
    Cressida at | | Reply

    Zany words explode on the page. They sure do:)

  5. Pat
    Pat at | | Reply

    This is a totally awesome ABC write.

    I think you’ve created and fashioned such a brilliant and stunning piece – each line amazing and fascinating – the flow following through – the sense of struggles and searches – the end result.

    Really gorgeous poem Morgan 🙂

  6. Nithya Venkat
    Nithya Venkat at | | Reply

    Brilliant!Thought provoking.

  7. Deepti
    Deepti at | | Reply

    wohooo loved this A-Z one..

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