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  1. Carol Campbell
    Carol Campbell at | | Reply

    The poem is crisp just like Autumn days!

  2. Sunita Prasad
    Sunita Prasad at | | Reply

    Lovely. I am trying to get the Paradelle going 😀

  3. Candy
    Candy at | | Reply


  4. Nithya Venkat
    Nithya Venkat at | | Reply

    Lovely haiku!Haiku is my favorite form.

  5. Grace Black
    Grace Black at | | Reply

    I’m quite partial to brevity! This is lovely!!

  6. Bastet
    Bastet at | | Reply

    Oh how lovely is this! It’s taken my breath away … what a great photo and your haiku is splendidly perfect! Bastet

  7. Payal Agarwal
    Payal Agarwal at | | Reply

    Such a lovely picture, and the poem is beautiful. 🙂

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