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  1. The Real Cie
    The Real Cie at | | Reply

    What a fantastic image! I wish I had artistic talent. Unfortunately I suck at art, so I just play with Photoshop.
    Your poem really speaks to me. I’ve been having quite a stressful time of it for…well, most of my life, actually. I wonder if when it’s time to drop the old body off I’ll leap forth shouting “free at last!” It kind of rings true.

  2. Misky
    Misky at | | Reply

    A strong tone keeps this poem’s pace right to the finish. Nicely done.

  3. payal agarwal
    payal agarwal at | | Reply

    I like your artwork..powerful words.

  4. Karin
    Karin at | | Reply

    I love the quote from Anaïs and your artwork is wonderful! Perfect companions to the poem.
    I’m so glad your organizing this. It’s keeping me on track, linking keeps me honest (don’t want to be embarrassed by slacking off!) and I’ve found some great writers that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

  5. Candy
    Candy at | | Reply

    really like how the three haiku blended into one powerful piece

  6. Carol Campbell
    Carol Campbell at | | Reply

    Love your work! It’s nice to use inspiring words!

  7. TwoPaisePoems
    TwoPaisePoems at | | Reply

    Wonderfully written.. especially loved the last line!

  8. Plum
    Plum at | | Reply

    Love your artwork, love the quote, love your poem … especially the last two lines.

  9. Lori Laird
    Lori Laird at | | Reply

    Seems like you can see inside my head ;).

  10. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me at | | Reply

    I love a good haiku – three in one? Fantastic. This works. Love it. The artwork at top is yours? Very cool.

  11. jazzytower
    jazzytower at | | Reply

    Beautifully done! I love haiku poems.

  12. Bastet
    Bastet at | | Reply

    an interesting chained haiku … love how you concluded it! 🙂

  13. Pat
    Pat at | | Reply

    This is a true gem of a poem.

    Combining the haiku – great idea – works so well – with your art and your quote for inspiration.

    The power in such few words – always amazes me – chains binding tearing ripping holding back – and then finally freedom earned. I love the beauty of the “laughter” at being free – although it could be interpreted as “madness” – it feels like the true wealth and gift of pleasure.

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