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  1. Jesi
    Jesi at | | Reply

    Sounds so lovely, Morgan. I wish it for you.

  2. De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo)
    De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) at | | Reply

    I crave simplicity, so I love this.

  3. Cindy
    Cindy at | | Reply

    Love the poem. Was there a reason for the formatting. It’s different, but I like how the separate line packs a bit of a punch.

  4. Cressida
    Cressida at | | Reply

    Enjoying simple things and not wanting more is the key to happiness. Consumerism and greed are destroying our world. Good poem.

  5. Bastet
    Bastet at | | Reply

    Loved the message of this poem and your experiment in free form (the first thing I noticed actually) … a fine write. Bastet

  6. Nithya Venkat
    Nithya Venkat at | | Reply

    No worries or stress, roasting marshmallows would be fantastic! Simple joys of life are the best and we should take the time to enjoy, but we are caught in the hustle and bustle of life. Great write.

  7. Sunita Prasad
    Sunita Prasad at | | Reply

    Such a passionate write. Don’t we want to take that path if given a chance? Loved it Morgan 🙂

  8. Denise D. Young
    Denise D. Young at | | Reply

    I really liked the poem, Morgan. Truly inspiring. I’ve been craving simplicity in my life lately–being able to relax and enjoy simple things like a good book or a roasted marshmallow–so your words resonated with me.

  9. clothespeggedpat
    clothespeggedpat at | | Reply

    Strip it down, slip away the noise, the hustle, so much of what we create and fashion in our lives is not fulfilling … yet we believe we *have* to …. and so we add to the piles until we can no longer find the opening, much less see the door ….

    There may always be “stresses and needs to be met” … there is some weird quote about being born, living, paying taxes and dying …

    but to be able to breathe – knowing we are enough even – most especially when – we choose to really evaluate our truest needs, and let the rest slowly slip away – in treasured moments we can create memories that satisfy the spirit and feed the soul, not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones.

    Beautiful poem 🙂

    Wishing you peace – Namaste


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